Baby on the Go! When Should Your Baby Start Walking?

Baby on the Go! When Should Your Baby Start Walking?

Your baby is learning to walk; it is exciting for both parents. Your baby is taking steps towards a whole new way of life as a toddler. And like many milestones, it comes with the question, when should baby start walking. Many new parents want to know when they expect their baby to start walking. Do not get caught up in numbers, because development usually occurs.

When should baby start walking

Most babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months and start walking well by the time they are 14 or 15 months. Do not panic if your child is not walking. Some healthy children do not walk until they are 16 or 17 months old. This is because, during his first few months, his body is busy in developing coordination and muscle strength in every part of his body.

When a baby will walk in the coordination of three essential factors: muscle strength, balance, and temperament. Babies with more natural temperaments often approach major developmental milestones cautiously. So your little one needs to have hundreds and hundreds of supported steps, holding a piece of furniture and someone’s hand before he is able to walk unsupported.

Sings that a baby will walk soon

Before they can walk, babies need to develop the strength and coordination required to maintain an upright posture. They also need to bear weight on their legs, which is the most important step in walking.

Your baby starts moving toward independent steps when they show the following signs.

Try to stand in an upright position.

Typically babies show this ability after four months of their birth. In this period, they take their first independent step and move towards being a toddler.

when should baby start walking

During his early steps, your baby will stand for seconds, but this period enhances with time.

Walk with support

In this stage, your baby is able to shift their weight from one leg to both. If you hold your baby’s hand, he will be able to walk forward. Do not use a baby walker because if your child falls from stairs, there’s a chance of a neck break or any other serious injury.

Standing on their own

After passing from different steps, your little one is able to stand alone within 2 to 3 weeks. 

How to help your baby in walking

As your baby trys to pull himself up to a standing position, he may need some help to figure out how to get back again. If he cries, do not pick him up and pop him down. Show him how to bend his knees and give him a chance to try it.

You can encourage your baby to walk by standing in front of him and holding out your hands. Always ensure your baby has a safe environment in which he or she developed their skills effectively. For this, follow childproofing guidelines and never leave your baby unattended.

Always keep it in mind every baby has its timetable according to his or her abilities. Do not panic if your child takes time. But if your child does not even stand with support in 12 months and cannot walk at 18 months, then bring him up to your doctor.