Baby Shower Food Ideas; Delicious Ideas You Should Consider

Baby Shower Food Ideas; Delicious Ideas You Should Consider

Throwing a baby shower is a bit devastating, especially when it comes to the menu planning. There are plenty of baby shower food ideas, but you will take into account the mom-to-be that what she can eat or cannot. Pregnancy comes with its delights and also with the fair share of aches and pain. But it also comes with something more festive- the baby shower! 

Baby showers come with the adorable decoration and fun games with the mouth-watering array of food and desserts. So what kind of food idea is best for baby showers? Here I list some food ideas which people usually graze during the baby shower party. 

Baby shower food ideas

When it comes to baby shower ideas either it is baby boy shower idea or baby girl shower ideas, simple is best. People usually like to eat little finger foods rather than hot meals. Here is a list of amazing appetizers for baby showers.

 Sweet potato bites

Sweet potato bites are a healthy upgrade option for your baby shower appetizer. These are topped with avocado and sprinkles of bacon, and everyone loves these gluten-free appetizers.

Vegetable sushi

It is on the no go list of pregnant women. It is free from uncooked fish which is the typical version. Just add vegetables of your choice to enhance its flavor and crunch.

Chicken and waffle sliders

Put this delicious dish at your baby shower party and watch them shower food ideas

Pepperoni cheese bombs

What’s a party without pizza? Pepperoni cheese bombs are a simple modification of pizza. It is delicious and amazing and is the obvious choice for when it comes to baby shower food ideas.

Meatballs with grape jelly

You did not combine meatballs with grape jelly every day. It is a perfect recipe for baby shower finger food, just serve them with a handy toothpick for easy eating.

Baby shower drink ideas

Raspberry lemonade drink

When it comes to drinks, raspberry lemonade drink is best because everyone, adults and kids, are attracted towards it. It is simple with amazing colors, and you don’t have to pay extra for a bartender. This version comes with frozen berries with attractive colors.

Citrus mock tail

When it comes to the baby shower, it is best for moms-to-be, and the guests also love it. 

Baby shower dessert ideas

Blueberry lemon trifle

A refreshing lemon filling with plenty of colors gives your sunny party a plenty of sensation. You can even make it at home because it does not need baking.

Gender reveal cake

It is a boy or a girl. Create a perfect reveal by displaying this delicious cake with pink or blue frosting inside. 

Cotton candy moose

This is one of the favorite food ideas for baby showers. The cotton candy moose is perfect for whimsical touch and even lends well to a gender reveal table.

Beary cookies

These are popular among kids and adults equally. You can also make it at home and do not need to spend a whole for making it.