Best Apps for One-year-old Baby; Beneficial and Informative

Best Apps for One-year-old Baby; Beneficial and Informative

Babies are not only good at observing but also in learning. Especially toddlers consider the best because of their age of development. Not only physical growth but also the baby is growing mentally. So, there is a need to give the proper environment to a child for their cognitive development. We’ll discuss the best apps for a one-year-old baby that will help your child in focus. 

Apps for one-year-old baby:

In this era, you can’t do anything without technology. Smartphones and tablets are trendy among all. These gadgets entertainingly provide information and activities. Many apps are working on it and give excellent result, some of them are down here:

Balloon pooping:

The best gaming app in which babies touch the balloon to pop up. It doesn’t only increase the attention capacity but also stimulate his motor development. The toddler needs to touch the screen where he sees the balloon and the balloon popping

Slide and spin:

This app will teach your child about the motions. In this game, there are four motions i.e., Spinning, sliding, turning, and pushing. Different buttons show on the screen; some need to push while some need to slide upward or sideline. The toddler plays this game using his finger movement: different sounds and happy faces seen on screen when he does an excellent job.

Baby zoo piano:

This game is for your baby if you want your child best in music. It is a music game with bright colors. A variety of animals show on screen, baby touch the animals and the music play. By this baby enjoy music on their own. 

Instant baby sleep:

it is not the learning or entertaining app. But it’ll help the parent to sleep their child. If you are facing the problem that the baby is not sleeping, you should install this app. It has a lot of monotonous sound with the effect of fan, calmness, and peace. It helps your child is sleeping.

Busy shape 2:

It is the best airplane mood app. Sadly, many apps don’t work without Wi-Fi. So, there is a matching shape app that uses the same in the airplane also. In this game, matching shape boxes have to put in the same shape hole. It increases the baby’s visual and cognition abilities. 

Monkey preschool:

Monkey preschool app helps in learning the counting, shapes, and alphabets by entertaining. Baby doesn’t feel pressure and learn without any effort. It is an educational app.

Color toddler:

The color toddler is the app of colors. It helps the baby to learn different colors with the help of music and beautiful background. The infant enjoys the game while learning the colors without even knowing. 

Also, there are multiple learning apps for infants that you can find on the play store. Some are free, whereas some need to pay. I’ll prefer the apps that work on airplane mood. Because when you give gadgets to your baby on an airplane mood. It sounds safe. I hope it would be informative. Good luck!