Best Ideas for One-year-old Baby Food; Healthy Diet Plan

Best Ideas for One-year-old Baby Food; Healthy Diet Plan

Mostly we have seen that parents worry about their child’s nutrition. Yeah! It is quite normal when they have their first child and don’t know what the food should be. So, if you are one of these parents, then congratulation! You are in the right place. Here we discuss the ideas for one-year-old baby food. Let’s start:

One-year-old baby food:

Baby needs the same nutrients and vitamins as adults. But they can’t eat the food that needs to chew thoroughly. At the start, the baby depends on breastfeeding as it has a lot of nutrients with germ-free. But it is not enough, so you have to add solid food to other vitamins. 

What to feed your child:

Baby can eat all the healthy fruit that you eat. When you eat something, give a little portion to the baby as well. Each bite of a child’s food counts nutrition. Ensure you have animals’ foods (meat, milk, egg, fish, dairy products) with fruits and green vegetables every day. 

How much food should you give?

Unlike adults, the child needs a small portion of food to eat. Baby needs three-quarter to one cup of meal three to five times a day with one to two snacks between meals. 

But if your child starts walking, his/her exercise increases, and it requires food more time. Milk is essential for your child. If he/she is not breastfeeding, you must give one to two cups of milk per day. 

Food to avoid:

Junk food, cold drinks, and artificial food flavor with sugar must avoid. Crispy snacks, a high amount of salt, fat, and cookies, are unhealthy and fill up the stomach’s space. The baby can’t eat the necessary food after that. 

What to do when the baby is not eating:

First, make sure he is hungry. When the baby is filled and has taken the snacks while ago, then he’ll not eat. Breastfeeding should be after the meal because the child needs solid and healthy eatables also. 

Give the child the food he likes with the food he doesn’t. But don’t skip any unhealthy meal. If your child doesn’t want to eat at that time, take it back, cover it, and give it again after some time. 

How much quantity should your child intake?

When you plan a food menu for your child, make sure it contains all the necessary vitamins in it. It would help if you didn’t avoid cholesterol and fats in his meal, as it is essential for development. The consumption quantity is write down:


Half cup meal that has iron (egg and cereal), fruits, and milk


Whole wheat muffin or one slice bread with cream. Half cup milk 


Half sandwich slice with chicken, peanut butter, half cup milk, half cup vegetables.


2-3 teaspoon of fruits and half cup milk


Half cup milk, half cup rice or potato, 2-3 ounce of meat. 

You can also give a different diet with the same nutrients, value, and quantity. One-year of age is the fast-growing and development of the era. You should pay attention to your baby’s food. Avoid junk and canned food as it contains germs and chemicals that play a negative role in growth. I hope you did find your answer.