Can Having a Stomach Bug While Pregnant Hurt the Baby; a Complete Guidance

Can Having a Stomach Bug While Pregnant Hurt the Baby; a Complete Guidance

No doubt, first-time pregnancy is a challenging and wonderful experience. Mothers become worried about a minor issue to their bodies that they usually ignore. Yeah, it’s okay, and they have to consult any problem with their elder lady or doctor. The most commonly asked question is, “Can Have a Stomach Bug While Pregnant Hurt the Baby?” let’s discuss in detail.

Can Having a Stomach Bug While Pregnant Hurt the Baby

During pregnancy, the mother is going through many challenging phases. And in this period, their body increases their immune system for natural defense. So, don’t be a worry. These small bugs wouldn’t harm your baby. 

Symptoms of small bugs:

Gastrointestinal bugs and morning sickness have almost the same symptoms in the early days of pregnancy.

The mother feels nausea, vomiting, and cramps in the early morning. Diarrhea patients also feel the same. The other possibility is that you may suffer from food poisoning. 

What should I Do?

If you are pregnant and feeling your stomach churns, don’t worry. It’s quite familiar. You have to focus on fluids and liquid intake because you are losing it through diarrhea and vomiting. Let’s discuss some tips:

  • Consult your doctor:

In this stage, you must keep your doctor in contact. She helps you out in any health-related issue during pregnancy period. Some mothers get listeriosis infection after eating any unpasteurized and processed food. The antibiotics and doses which she takes are reacting with this food. But it happens to some mothers only. 

  • Focus on fluids:

The best thing in this situation is to focus on water, liquids, and other healthy fluids. According to doctors, Mothers should take two teaspoons of water every hour. Water keeps your body water balance maintain. You should take fresh juices, water, and light, healthy food. It would be best if you ate Grapes, as these are suitable for your tummy. Tea with lemon reduces the gas in the stomach. 

  • Signs of dehydration:

Everyone who has stomach bugs goes through dehydration. You might be less frequently peeing or dark-colored urine. Take high water consumption and ask your doctor. He’ll recommend rehydration pills. Long time dehydration may be very dangerous for you and your baby. 

  • Back to diet:

If you feel your stomach is coming towards normal. It’s a good sign. You should add light and regular food to your usual i.e., white rice, rice cereals, and banana. Please don’t forget to add ginger to your food as it is the best remedy to cure stomach bugs. You can take ginger tea also. 

  • Recommended medicine:

Please make sure that you are taking the doctor’s recommended medicines. Antacids like Maalox and tums are considered the best medication during impregnation, but you should first ask your consultant. 

Please don’t worry if these tips don’t help you out in a week. It usually takes three weeks to get out of the stomach flu. Vitamins are also required for your body so take them regularly. If you have a stomach bug while pregnancy, don’t panic and calm down, it won’t hurt the baby. Be safe and healthy. Best of luck!