Can Kids Drink Coffee; at What Age Should They Start?

Can Kids Drink Coffee; at What Age Should They Start?

Whenever the word “coffee” comes in mind, we’ll feel active and energized. It is because coffee is full of caffeine. It doesn’t only wake you but also helps you inactive attention to your work. In contrast, you’ll find some people who don’t love to drink it. Once you make it routine, the chances to get addicted is much high. Not only adults, but kids also love to drink. But the parents frequently asked the question is, “can kids drink coffee?” let’s discuss some pros and cons of coffee according to kids:

Can kids drink coffee?

Usually, it seems that those kids whose parents are very addicted to coffee have more affection for it. But parents hesitate to give them coffee. Some recommended age by research is down here:

  • Age 4 to 6 (45 mg) half cup of coffee
  • Age 7 to 9 (62.5 mg)
  • Age 10 to 12 (85mg)
  • Adolescent (85 to 100mg)

Disadvantages of coffee:

As we all know, coffee has many hazardous effects on the kid’s health. Some of them will be discussing here:


Coffee has a composition of caffeine in it highly. It works like dose addiction- the high you take, high the risk of addiction. Kids and adolescents go through a developing period. Caffeine doesn’t only slow their developing speed but also affects the heart and neurons of the body. So, the risk of a heart attack in kids become increases. 

Anxiety and insomnia:

It seems that coffee increases diseases like depression and anxiety. Well, in the market, there are many synonymous with coffee available. These are all made up of coffee flavor with added sugar. So, in short, coffee becomes a calorie-free drink that is not good. 


In kids and adults, it shows different results, i.e., hyperactivity and mood swings. Doctors strictly prohibit the intake of coffee to their patients. Because it also affects your appetite routine and increases depression. 

Some advantages:

We admit that there is also a positive side to drink coffee. Coffee beans have antioxidant substances that strengthen the immune system. It also helps cure many diseases like cancer, stroke, certain heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

  In the bottom line, coffee is not suitable for kids. It has negative impacts on their developing organs and also to neurons. I’ll not recommend any kid to drink coffee. The pure coffee i.e., latte, cappuccino, matte, etc. have more negative effects than artificial flavor coffee with added sugar. 

In my opinion, kids can drink coffee for some time but not regularly. They should drink milk, fresh juices, and healthy drinks. Most adults drink coffee for some reason like awake, active, and some disease control, but there is no solid reason behind it in children. It is diuretic, and kids have more physical activities than adults. So, it might cause dehydration in them.

I hope this article helps you to get your answer. Be happy!