Can Pregnant Women Eat Hot Dogs; Healthy Guideline for You

Can Pregnant Women Eat Hot Dogs; Healthy Guideline for You

Can pregnant women eat hot dogs? Well, doctors advised restricting processed or ready to eat foods during pregnancy. One of them is a hot dog which is hard to avoid for months. But the question is how safe they are. Here I discuss complete detail about it and what are the alternatives you can enjoy during your most lovely time.

Ingredients of hot dogs

Before diving deep in the discussion, let us discuss its ingredients that go into making it accessible. A hot dog is a grilled snack that contains a sausage between a partially sliced bun. Popular ingredients are

  • Bun
  • Processed meat( sausages, pork, and chicken)
  • Flavored spices including salt, pepper and paprika
  • Garnishing ingredients such as tomato sauce, cheese, mayo, mustard sauce and caramelized onion
  • Preservatives include sodium nitrate or sodium ethryobate

None of these is harmful if cooked well in standard hygiene.

Can pregnant women eat hot dogs

Yes! Pregnant women eat hot dogs occasionally, which are cooked properly. It is advised to prepare above 165 F to kill harmful bacteria that can produce in the dairy products.

Hot dogs that are partially cooked are not allowed because they have certain dairy bacteria which can cause severe problems.

Risks of eating a hot dog in pregnancy

Partially cooked hot dogs can cause many pregnancy risks. These risks include

Bacterial contamination

Pre-cooked food such as meat and cheese contain bacteria which can cause gastrointestinal issues and flu-like symptoms. This can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

Sodium nitrate

It is used in preserved foods to enhance the flavor and shelf life of hot dogs. These kinds of chemicals increase the risk of pancreatic cancer and vessel damage.

Sensitivity of ingredients

Some women are sensitive to some ingredients such as some spices and cheese. This situation leads to the allergic reaction resulting in bloating.

It is okay to have your favorite hot dog occasionally by not often. If you are still concerned, then it is best to wait until your delivery.

Precautions to eat a hot dog during pregnancy

  • Avoid eating hot dogs that are available in the streets. These are unhygienic and have a higher chance of contamination.
  • Do not eat partially cooked or those that are not cooked at 165 F.
  • Always wash your hands before having a hot dog.

Alternative of hot dogs

To avoid any risks, try to use healthy alternatives. You can have a hot dog with vegetables and grain substitute instead of meatloaf. These are low in fat and vegetarian friendly that reduces the risk of bacterial contamination.

I hope this guide is helpful to determine whether it is safe or not.