Can Pregnant Women Eat Prawns; a Complete Detail

Can Pregnant Women Eat Prawns; a Complete Detail

“What should eat or drink during pregnancy, and can pregnant women eat prawns?” These questions are mostly asked by the parents. No doubt! It is the period that needs complete guidance as well as proper care and treatment. Nowadays, pregnant women are showing carelessness and consume anything she wants. Its results are hazardous. Let’s discuss in detail about the question:

Can pregnant women eat prawns

Prawn is one of the delicious seafood items. Almost everyone seems to crave this dish. It has a lot of variety, i.e., pepper prawn, stir-fried prawn dipped in sauce, butter garlic prawn curry, and so on. 

It has usually said that eating any shellfish or raw prawn is not suitable for the mother and fetus. Shells contain numerous bacterias and viruses that harm the mother and affect the baby’s immune system. 

Is it safe to consume?

Not only prawn but every meal or food should also be wholly pasteurized and under moderation. You can not take any risk on the mother or baby’s health. So, in short, you can eat when it cooks thoroughly in a non-polluted environment. But overall it has a lot of benefits.

Rich in protein:

Prawns are a high source of protein that maintains your blood sugar level. Moreover, it also helps to keep gestational diabetes in balance. Prawns are highly fat-containing and low-calorie levels that produce healthy mass muscles in the body. 

Vitamins and nutrients:

Prawns have vitamin D and B12, iron, zinc, chlorine, phosphorus, iodine, and copper. It improves thyroid gland hormones and the immune system. Further, prawn helps in brain development as well as in bones and teeth development.

Prawn also has nutrients that are essential for the body. These nutrients readily absorb in blood and heal the wounds. The amino-acid present in it regenerates the new cells. Selenium, an antioxidant, helps to cure damaged cells and work against a specific type of cancer. Astaxanthin has the anti-aging property. 

Low in calorie and rich in Omega 3:

Pregnancy requires to gain healthy weight, so prawns are low calorie in nature. It is the best choice to add nutrition. 

Omega 3 is very beneficial in pregnancy as it develops the eyes and nervous system in the fetus. So, consuming the prawn is an excellent thing.

Who should avoid it:

Like other eatables, it also has some unhealthy things. Let’s discuss:

  • Those mothers who have high cholesterol in the body must avoid it. It is rich in cholesterol.
  •  Suppose a pregnant woman has some allergic reaction after eating prawn. Then she should avoid eating it. 
  • Ensure that the pregnant woman eats cooked prawn because the raw prawn has bacterias that infect the baby. 
  • Prawn taking from the polluted water can cause many bacterial infections. The sea fish can absorb water, so when they live in a dirty environment. These cause infection. 


In my opinion, prawn is an excellent food to eat during impregnation. These have high nutrients and vitamins that require in pregnancy. Moreover, it would help if you asked first to your pediatrician. They give you the best advice according to your health. 


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