Can Taking Antibiotics While Pregnant Hurt the Baby; a Complete Detail

Can Taking Antibiotics While Pregnant Hurt the Baby; a Complete Detail

The pregnancy period is very watchful and conscious of a mother. She should be meticulous and concerned about their eating pattern and medicines. Most mothers take antibiotics during pregnancy and don’t know their consequences. If you don’t know, don’t worry, we’ll discuss “can taking antibiotics while pregnant hurt the baby” in detail. 

Can taking antibiotics while pregnant hurt the baby

Many research types have found that taking antibiotics in pregnancy leads to many infectious disorders to their offspring. It has been recorded the mothers who recommend taking antibiotic pills have a 20%more risk to hospitalized to their baby because of their infection.

Yeah! Usually, doctors recommend taking antibiotics. So, we are not saying to altogether avoid it. But to take it with care. 

Which drugs harm the mother?

Several traditional medicine i.e., penicillin, sulfa drugs, tetracycline, and ampicillin, are commonly used antibiotics. A narrow-spectrum toward bacterial infection, whereas many medications work on the broad disease to cure the bacterial illness. 

Some bacteria have a double membrane around their cells, which works like a shield and protects them from antibiotic attacks. These bacteria included gram-negative i.e., salmonella, vibrio, etc. 

Side effects of antibiotics:

Antibiotics have many side effects starting from stomach upset to allergy, and they lead to death. 

  • Antibiotics, when fighting against bacteria, they kill many useful bacteria during this fight. These beneficial bacteria are very needy to baby and mother. 
  • Excess of anything is wrong. If you overuse the antibiotic pills, the bacteria become strong. And the healthy bacteria have a high resistive capacity. These resistive bacteria are difficult to control. 
  • They were overused of antibiotics become ineffective. Your body bacteria don’t kill by these pills. 

Why mother used Antibiotics:

In pregnancy, the fetal membrane has an amniotic membrane, which has amniotic acids on it. Some bacteria are present on the fetal membrane, which doesn’t harm baby and mother. These bacteria, when moving towards the amniotic membrane, it leads to inflammation and causes labor pain. 

Antibiotics in pregnancy:

Indeed, antibiotic doesn’t affect the same to every mother. Many mothers don’t feel any issue and harmful side effects. Doctors also prescribed these drugs to pregnant women so that she and her baby doesn’t affect by a bacterial infection.

Why doctors prescribe it:

Bacteria cause many severe infections in the mother’s body. Few are written down here;

  • Ear and sinus infection
  • Skin problems
  • Kidney infection
  • Bacterial pneumonia
  • Cough 
  • Dental infection

These are some significant issues caused by a bacterial infection, but bacterial vaginosis is the most critical. It leads to pregnancy complications, premature labor, late miscarriage, and disease in the uterus after birth. 

I hope you understand that antibiotics have advantages as well as disadvantages. So, please make sure that this medicine doesn’t feel you any problem. If you feel any side effects, instantly ask your doctor or any gynecologist. In Australia, research has shown that the rate of antibiotics taking pregnant women is much higher. I hope you got your answer. Best of luck!