Bonding With Your Baby;Can The Baby Feel When You Rub Your Belly

Bonding With Your Baby;Can The Baby Feel When You Rub Your Belly

There is one common thing between pregnant women is that they cannot keep their hands off their growing bumps. For them, it is a way to feel close to the baby inside. If you are pregnant and can not keep your hand off from your growing bump, then you must be wondering if it is fine for you. Rubbing the belly while pregnancy makes a woman feel good instantly as she thinks that she is communicating with her baby. During pregnancy, the things that feel good are always a huge bonus. Let us find out can the baby feel when you rub your belly.

Why do pregnant women rub her belly 

Touch is the best way to connect with an unborn child. It is a natural phenomenon for a pregnant woman to touch her belly as it is comforting continually. Rubbing and stroking the bump may even soothe the baby when the baby is moving and kicking too much. It is an unsaid language of love between the mother and her unborn.

Some women rub their bellies to soothe the tiny ripples going inside, and others may do it to ease their discomfort. 

Can the baby feel when you rub your belly

As a mother, you may wonder can the baby feel when you rub your belly. The answer to this is that if you feel your baby twisting and turning, then the chances are that he might be doing so because he can probably feel your touch and enjoying it.

This is because your baby cannot tell you, but he may let you know that he is enjoying it by his movements or by kicking your belly And you can offer other to rub your belly as well A happy Moment for them as well.


Can the Baby Feel When You Rub Your Belly


Ways to bond your baby during pregnancy

Pregnancy is just the beginning of life with your child. The early weeks can be tiring and feel a bit disconnected from your growing baby. But as your pregnancy progresses, you will start to feel much more like a mummy to be.

To help you to prepare your new life, we have got some tips to help you get in touch with your little one. 

  • Messaging is a soothing way to bond with your fetus. This is safe to do after the first three months of pregnancy, and it is a great way to relax.
  • Your baby’s sense of hearing is developing all the time. From 23 weeks of pregnancy, your baby can hear the heartbeat and the growing sound of your hungry tummy. Hearing your voice in the womb helps your baby to feel attached to you quickly once he is born. Talking can be truly rewarding once you know your baby is hearing.
  • Try pregnancy yoga; it is a great way to relax and help you to bond with your infant.
  • Try to take some time out to bond with your bump by going for a walk. It is a great exercise and easy to fit into your daily routine.


Feeling your baby to be able to react to your touch is a powerful way to bond to your fetus, particularly during those long months of pregnancy. Imagining him or her reaching to touch you and love you back can make the waiting a little more bearable.