Can You Drink Coffee When Pregnant? The Truth About Coffee

Can You Drink Coffee When Pregnant? The Truth About Coffee

Can you drink coffee when you are pregnant? When you confirm that you conceive, you clean up every bit of your life for your baby to give him a healthier life. Some are still confused about what to do, either skip coffee habits or not. Not to be confused here, I discuss a complete guideline about taking coffee while pregnancy is good or not.

Can pregnant women drink coffee?

Now women have not to skip their coffee habit for a long time during pregnancy. Researchers reveal that you can take coffee if you want to be in moderation. It is better to listen to your body means that mothers-to-be may reduce or cut off their intake according to their body symptoms and requirements. If they feel heart palpitation, excessive sweating, and high blood pressure, then they should get rid of this habit completely. But if you decided to take coffee, then do not take it in the morning before glucose screening because it may have a false impact on your test.

How much amount of coffee or caffeine is safe

In the past, pregnant women were strictly restricted to take coffee. But now it has been found that you can use moderate amounts of coffee in pregnancy with the consideration of a few precautions. 

Experts say that only 200 milligrams are safe for a pregnant woman in a whole day. More amounts can increase the risk of miscarriage because caffeine easily crosses the placental layer and limits the blood flow to the placenta and increases the blood sugar level and blood pressure.

Effects of coffee on mothers-to-be

  • Coffee does not affect you at all in normal conditions, but when you conceive, it affects you. If you feel yourself running in the restroom, then put coffee in you don’t list until your baby arrives because it is diuretic.
  • Too much consumption of caffeine affects your iron-absorbing abilities and increases the risk of iron deficiency and anemia. If you are already suffering from low iron levels, then completely cut off the intake of coffee. Consult your doctor if you are concerned.
  • If you take three cups of coffee in a day, it may worsen your heartburn and give you shakes and jerks.

Effects of coffee on the fetus 

Studies have shown that high consumption of caffeine crosses the placenta and increase the risk of miscarriage. But beyond that, it is still unclear, so it is recommended to stick to the prescribed limit to avoid any complications.

Coffee alternatives during pregnancy

  • If you are a coffee addict, then switch to decaf coffee or bulletproof coffee, which is a lower toxic load. Keep in mind many other healthy alternatives are also present, try to use them. Here I list some of them
  • Try hot water with lemon, it is best for dizziness and morning sickness and also works as a best detoxificant.
  • There are many herbal teas present, which are also effective during pregnancy.

I think these are healthy alternatives and work best in the final weeks of pregnancy. Try these alternatives and enjoy the loveliest time of your life.