Can You Eat Smoked Salmon When Pregnant? Is It Safe?

Can You Eat Smoked Salmon When Pregnant? Is It Safe?

Fish meat is the most popular meat all over the world. In every country, people love to eat fish species. But unfortunately, many pregnant women avoid eating fish, as it has Mercury in it. So the question arises in our mind. “Can you eat smoked Salmon when pregnant? Is it safe?” Let’s talk in detail.

Can you eat smoked Salmon when pregnant? 

Fish contains fats, protein, and many calories in it. So, overall the fish is very healthy food to eat. But here we are talking about the pregnant lady’s food. So, we must be conscious of it. Salmon has less Mercury as compared to other fishes. 

Doctors recommend a pregnant lady or feeding mother to eat eight to ten-ounces of fish (less mercury-containing). 

Smoked Salmon:

As we all know that there are two types of smoked salmon fish

  • Cold smoked Salmon
  • Hot smoked Salmon

Cold smoked Salmon:

This salmon cook in 21 to 32C (70 to 90F) and is dry-cured. It has a soft texture and fishy taste because it is not properly cooked. It serves with salad and sauce mostly. 

Hot smoked Salmon:

The hot Salmon cooks at 49C ( 120F) and is brine-cured. It cooks for a long time than cold-smoked Salmon, as it cooks wholly and has a strong smoky taste. It serves with creamy sauce and rice bowl. 

Overall, the conclusion is cold is undercooked, whereas the hot is completely cooked. So, medically the full cooked meal is good for health because it contains fewer germs and bacterias. 

What are the effects of eating Salmon during Pregnancy?

Salmon undoubtedly has many essential and beneficial nutrients for fetal development and growth like iodine, vitamin D, and vitamin B13. 

Fish has a high rate of protein than other meats. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids and DHA. DHA is directly helpful in child development and especially brain formation. 

Cons of Cold-Salmon:

We have discussed that cold Salmon has a high risk of bacterial and virus infection. So, there is a list of diseases because of eating it. 

  • Listeria 
  • Pre-mature delivery 
  • Miscarriage 
  • Parasitic worms
  • High sodium rate 

Which seafood is safe?

During Pregnancy, the seafood that you are allowed is only canned. Other seafood and fishes must avoid this condition. It causes listeriosis and all the above mention results. Moreover, make sure that the food you are eating has zero mercury content as Mercury is hazardous to your health and can break your baby’s nervous system. 

So, overall you are only allowing the fish or seafood with no mercury. Make sure that your meal is perfectly cooked and has no bacteria and no virus. It is safe for you and your baby. I hope you got all your answers. Enjoy the food and stay happy!