Can You Get Pregnant When Not Ovulating; Understanding Concept

Can You Get Pregnant When Not Ovulating; Understanding Concept

Can you get pregnant when not ovulating? If you are trying to conceive but not see the pink lines every time on your testing kit, then it must be the chance that you are going wrong. If you are struggling to conceive, then it might be the chance that you are not ovulating after perfectly doing everything. When a woman ovulates, the body releases an egg or ovum from the ovaries, and it is then fertilized by sperm in a Fallopian tube.  When the egg is fertilized, then it is implanted in the uterus and develops into a pregnancy. But what if a woman does not ovulate and can you get pregnant when you’re not ovulating

Can you get pregnant when not ovulating?

A woman has to ovulate to get pregnant. Normal women with regular menarche ovulate one in a month. You can conceive if you have intercourse before five days from ovulation and one day after ovulation because sperm can survive in the female birth canal for only five days.

A woman who is not ovulating cannot get pregnant. Ovulation is necessary for sperm and fertilization. Unfortunately, women who do not ovulate cannot become pregnant. If you are fertile and produce ova, then you only get pregnant when you intercourse at the time of ovulation.

Most fertile days

The most fertile days for a woman are the ovulation days.  It depends upon the length of the menarche, which is different among different women. Out of these days, only three days are the most fertile days one before ovulation and other after ovulation. These days are the most favorable days for a sperm to survive in the birth track of a female. Thus the most fertile days can be calculated upon the menstrual cycle.

Treatments if you do not ovulate

Many treatments are available to balance the hormonal level, which you need for a regular menstrual cycle. 

  • Letrozole and clomiphene cit-rate can help you to regulate your menstrual cycle hormonal level if you have PCOS. These medications maximize the chance of odd ovulation if you are near to menopause.
  • If you have ovarian insufficiency, IVF technique helps you to get pregnant. But if the number of eggs in your body is fixed, you may need donor eggs. 

If you notice an irregular or other symptoms of an-ovulation, then you must consult your doctor. Also, consult your doctor if you are under  35 years old and do not conceive yet. Do not hesitate because it is a main problem of infertility.

Must consult with your specialist. She may refer you some appropriate treatments for you to solve your problem.