Home alone; At what age can kids be left home alone?

Home alone; At what age can kids be left home alone?

Do parents seem to worry about what age can kids be left home alone? Yeah! It’s a serious question. It is not an easy decision as it depends on where you are living. Your home location and your neighbors play an essential role in this situation. Let’s discuss in detail:

At what age can kids be left home alone

Before leaving your kid at home alone, make sure that your kid is mature. Your child should be older enough to be live at home alone without any supervision. But the question arises by parents that at which age they should take alone their kid? 

Leaving a child home alone according to law:

In the world, there are only a couple of states that specify an age for a child to home alone, Illinois (age 14), and Maryland (age 8). At the same time, other countries give specific guidelines by the Human and health department, child care, and other agencies. They focus on the child’s maturity level and age by keeping the area and home safe. 


There are some significant and essential guidelines for your kid’s safety:

Age 7 or under: Child under age seven or equal to it doesn’t leave alone at home. It includes a backyard, playground or car, etc. It would be best if you also kept away any dangerous thing at this age, i.e., any chemical containing substance, electric appliances, or machinery.

Age 8 to 10: At this age, you are allowed to left your child but no more than one and a half hours. It’ll be only allowed in the day time before evening.

Age 11 to 12: Parents can leave their child alone for up to 3 hours but not late. It might cause a problematic situation.

Age 13 to 15: At this age, you may leave your child at home but not for the whole night.

How parents know their child is mature:

As we know, all the children are not the same. And doesn’t behave the same at the same age. So, you may have to check these guidelines:

  • The age and maturity level of kid
  • For how much time you are leaving your child home alone
  • How many siblings or children stay with him?
  • Is he independent of doing his task?
  • How much he follows your direction?
  • The location of your house and your neighbor’s attitude
  • Did your neighbor agree to look after in day time?
  • Your child wants to stay alone or not?

Safety tips:

Before leaving him alone, you must follow some direction for his safety.

  • He should remember his name, parent’s name, telephone number. 
  • You should also paste the emergency phone numbers list on the wall.
  • Call him from time to time and ask him about everything, ok.
  • Ensure that all the windows and doors are locked.
  • Please don’t allow him to go near any electric appliance or stove without your presence. 

These are some essential tips to follow before going outside. If your child is afraid of anything, don’t let him alone. If something terrible happens, you should prepare him mentally to relax and went to the neighbor’s home. Be sure your neighbors have a good nature. I hope you’ve found all your answers. Be safe and happy!