Homemade Pregnancy Test; is It Really Effective?

Homemade Pregnancy Test; is It Really Effective?

“Do homemade pregnancy test really effective?” is the question that mostly asked. And many women don’t know about the homemade pregnancy test; if you are also one of them, congratulations! You are in the right place. Let’s start discuss it in detail.

Homemade pregnancy test:

When you are confused about your pregnancy, these tests help you out. There is no need to see a doctor. You’ve heard about them from your family and friends. Till now, it doesn’t prove that either these tests are scientifically accurate or not. 

But we’ll discuss only those standard tests that generally work and need only home ingredients. 

Miss your periods:

When any woman gets pregnant, she misses her period. It is the first sign that mother receives. But it has not accuracy as you can miss your cycle for any imbalance of your body hormone. 

There are many homemade pregnancy kits available in markets, and the mother uses it for decades. No doubt, these tests have many folk remedies, but it works. It is there to check the hCG level in the blood and pregnancy hormones in the urine. 

Shampoo test:

A very cheap test; Take your urine in an empty container. Now, take a little amount to shampoo in another jar. Add some water to it to make it foamy. The last step is to pour the urine container into this jar. Now create a mixture of it. If the frothy texture remains the same, the result is positive. As hCG can make foam.

Toothpaste test:

A simple and easy test; take two spoons of white toothpaste in the open jar and add urine to it. Suppose the color of toothpaste turns into blue color. It means you have a positive result. 

The hCG in the urine is the fact behind the changing of toothpaste’s color.

Sugar test:

Take one tablespoon of sugar in the bowl and add one tablespoon of your urine in it and mix it. If the mixture shows clumps, then you have a positive result about pregnancy. But in the case of dissolve, you have a negative result. 

The hCG doesn’t allow the sugar to dissolve. So the clumps form. 

Vinegar test:

The vinegar uses in the pregnancy test. Take one cup of vinegar and add a half cup of vinegar to it. After a while, the change in the solution color indicates the positive. 

The vinegar reacts with hCG and changes its color. 

Bleach test:

Bleach test is somehow dangerous. Take a half cup of urine in an empty plastic bowl and add a half cup of bleach to it. After a while, if it shows fuzziness and bubbles, it means the positivity of your test. 

Avoid direct contact with the solution, so use gloves while testing. Bubbling and fizzing can cause skin irritation, and inhaling is very dangerous. 

Bleach reacts readily with the hCG and causes bubbling. 

Overall, all these tests are not scientifically authentic. But all these folk tests give 90% accurate results. So, if you feel any sign of pregnancy, you can check it with these homemade pregnancy test. I hope you have gotten your answer. Best of luck! Stay blessed.