How early in pregnancy does alcohol affect the baby; Side effects of alcohol

How early in pregnancy does alcohol affect the baby; Side effects of alcohol

Drinking beverages and alcohol become the most common habit in this century. No doubt, alcohol has good results, but the side effects are limitless. Especially, the pregnant lady must avoid taking alcohol. The question arises by mothers is “how early in pregnancy does alcohol affect the baby?” let’s discuss in detail.

How early in pregnancy does alcohol affect the baby

The chief head of medical officers in the U.K. strictly prohibits pregnant mothers from drinking alcohol. He said, “if you are pregnant or planning to become, then you should avoid alcohol.” The more you drink, the more chances to harm your baby. 

How does it affect the baby?

In pregnancy, the blood from the mother’s body travels towards the fetus through the placenta. But when the mother consumes alcohol, it also passes to the fetus through it. The liver filters the blood in the body, but in the baby’s body, this organ develops in the last. A large amount of alcohol adversely affects the baby’s development. 

Drinking alcohol in the first three months of pregnancy leads to premature birth, the baby with less weight, and, most probably, miscarriage chances. It doesn’t only have consequences before delivery but also after the baby’s birth. Your baby would face learning disabilities and be mentally challenged. 


Drinking alcohol in the early days of pregnancy shows some symptoms in baby:

  • Mentally disabled 
  • Learning and behavioral issues
  • Distinct facial features
  • Poor growth 
  • Liver infection 

If the mother is not drinking regularly but drinks heavily on one occasion, it may lead to FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). That is riskier than the regular drink. 

How to avoid:

Regular consumers find difficulty in quite an alcohol, but it is not much difficult. Many women, when came to know about their pregnancy, keep away themselves from alcoholic drinks. 

And some who drink regularly avoid to drink further until delivery. But if the mother couldn’t keep herself away from alcohol, you should ask for an alcohol support service.

Alcohol support service:

Alcohol support services are centers specially design for the people to help out from drinking. There are several private and local centers. You must check out your nearby alcohol centers. 

Drinkline- national alcohol helpline: if anyone is worrying for himself or someone else, he must call this helpline on number 030300 123 1110. The opening timing is 9 am to 8 pm, and on weekends 11 am to 4 pm. 

We are with you: U.K. agency for treating the individuals with the help of parents and communities to manage them. 

A.A. (alcoholic anonymous):  it is a self-help group with the program that helps make an individual gentleman with 12 steps. Individuals must follow this group.

Don’t worry if the mother couldn’t cut herself from alcohol; these centers help her achieve her goal. Further, she must understand the side effects of alcohol and the risk of her baby’s life. Typically drinking beverages as usual but don’t make it a habit. Addiction to anything gives hazardous results. I hope this information helps you a lot. Stay safe and healthy with your baby.

Best wishes to you!