How Often Should You Bathe a Baby; Complete Guideline for You

How Often Should You Bathe a Baby; Complete Guideline for You

Your baby is nowhere, and being a mom, it is up to you to set a routine for day-to-day life. This routine also includes bathing. But when and how often should you bathe a baby is not obvious. Whether you are bathing your first baby for the first time or numbers, you always have questions, and the most pressing being, how often should you bathe a baby? 

Here what you need to make your baby clean, healthy, and happy. So read on.

How often does my newborn need a bathe

There is no need to give a bath every day. Three times a week is enough for a newborn until your baby becomes mobile. This is because bathing too much can dry your baby’s skin. If you are quick enough and clean the diaper area and needed parts, then it is enough.

Best time for bathing baby

It is entirely up to you, but it is advised that you choose when you are entirely free, and there is no interruption. Some parents choose the morning time because, at that time, the babies are alert while others prefer to bathe at bedtime according to the rituals. If you bath your baby after feeding, then it is best to wait to settle the baby’s tummy.

Sponge bath

According to the doctors, a sponge bath is best until the umbilical cord falls on its own, and this needs about two weeks. To give your baby sponge bath, you will need;

A warm place with a flat surface

A bathroom with a counter. Even a blanket or towel on the floor is ok.pad hard surface with a blanket or towel.


Always keep one hand on your baby. It is best to use straps of changing tables.

Plastic basin to hold warm water

Rum warm water in the plastic basin or sink. Always check the water temperature with your hands and make sure that it is not so hot.

Essential supplies

Make sure you have a washcloth, a towel, mild baby shampoo and moisturizer, baby diaper, and a change of clothes.

How to give a sponge bath to your baby

Undress your baby and wrap him in a towel. Lay your baby on his/her back. To keep your baby warm, only open those areas which you want to clean. Wet the washcloth wearing out excess water and wipe the face of your baby.

Use mild soap or moisturizer.Pay special attention to crease the underarms, behind the ear, neck, and diaper area. Also, wash your baby’s toe and fingers well.


Once your baby is habitual to the bathing, then you use a bathtub for bathing your baby. But remember, always attend your baby, not leave him unattended because it can lead to drowning your baby in a few seconds.

Gather all the essentials you need, such as play toys, towels, shampoo, and moisturizer. Always make your baby’s bath time fun.