How to Clean Baby Ears; Safety Tips for New Moms

How to Clean Baby Ears; Safety Tips for New Moms

How to Clean Baby Ears? It is important to keep your baby’s ear clean. You can easily clean the baby’s outer ear while your baby’s bath. All you need is a washcloth, warm water or cotton ball. It is not safe to use a cotton swab or stick type material because it is harmful to the baby’s ear. After all, they are very sensitive. If you notice ear wax, you need not remove it. 

Ear wax is healthy for your child because it protects and lubricates the baby’s ear.  Removing it can potentially damage your baby’s ear. Read on to learn how to clean a baby ears with safety tips.

How to clean baby ears

To clean your baby’s ear, you will need a cotton ball that was soaked in the warm water. You can also use a gentle cloth with warm water. Follow the following steps to clean baby’s ear;

  • Wet the cotton ball with warm water
  • Ring out the washcloth well
  • Gentle wipe behind the baby’s ear and around the outside of each ear.
  • Never stick the washcloth or cotton ball inside our baby’s ear. This can damage the ear canal.

Ear drops

If the doctor prescribed ear drops to your baby and you want to use them to clean ear wax build-up then follow these steps;

  • Lie your baby on their side with the affected ear facing upward.
  • Gently pull the lower lobe down and back to open the canal.
  • Place five drops in the ear. 
  • Keep the drops in your baby’s ear by keeping your baby in a lying position up to 10 minutes, then roll over, so the side with the drops is facing down.
  • Let the ear drops run out your baby’s ear onto the tissue.
  • Always use drops according to the doctor’s recommendation.

Safety tips

Do not use cotton swabs because they are not safe for infants and children. More than 26000 infants are infected with the use of cotton. The most reliable rule to keep in mind is that if you notice any build-up on the outside of the ear, use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe it away gently.  

When to seek help

Let your baby’s pediatrician know if your baby is tugging their ears. Also, consult if you feel any clogged duct or yellowish discharge from the child’s ear. 

Your doctor may remove the wax if it causes any discomfort for the baby or causes any trouble in hearing. If your doctor notices any infection, he may prescribe antibiotic drops for your baby. You should immediately visit the doctor if any object is stuck in the ear canal or also if your baby is looking unsteady and sick or they are hobbling.