Affiliate Disclosure

At Kindling Quarterly, we believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to the content we provide and the products we recommend. Our commitment is to offer valuable information and resources to our readers to help them make informed decisions about parenting and childcare.

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  2. Objective Recommendations: Our primary goal is to provide unbiased and objective recommendations to our readers. We only promote products and services that we believe can genuinely benefit our audience, and our recommendations are based on thorough research and expert insights.
  3. Full Disclosure: We are committed to transparency. When a link on our website is an affiliate link, you will find a clear disclosure statement accompanying it. This disclosure statement serves as a reminder that we may receive compensation if you choose to make a purchase through that specific link.
  4. Your Trust Matters: We value the trust you place in us as a source of valuable information. Our affiliate partnerships do not compromise the integrity of our content. We maintain editorial independence and will never recommend a product solely for the purpose of earning a commission.

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