Is It Safe for Baby Sleeping on Side; Why Back is Best?

Is It Safe for Baby Sleeping on Side; Why Back is Best?

Is it safe for baby sleeping on side; Why back is best?

Being parents for the first time is not only an exciting time but also very challenging. You have to care for every moment of your baby that you mostly ignore in your life. It has been seen that most parents don’t care about their young one’s sleeping position; that is negligence behavior. Most frequently, the question is asking is, “ Is it safe for baby sleeping on side? “ 

Is it safe for the baby sleeping on side?

In the latest research, it has been seen that from 1994 to 1999, the rate of SIDS become 50% less. It is because babies slept on the backside. The patients of SIDS also recommend sleeping on the back. 

Mostly parents and caregivers seem to worry because babies roll during sleep and change their positions. So, no need to panic; you need to change their position on the backside. 

Why is the backside safe?

The American Academy of pediatrics says that the backside is the safest side to sleep. But the myth is famous that those babies who vomit or reflux should sleep on the side position. And I’ve told you that it is just a myth; there is no authentic logic behind it.

What are the cons of side sleeping?

Side sleeping leads to many issues. Some of them are describing below:


SIDS (Sudden Instant Death Syndrome) is the syndrome that causes death. It has been seen that it mostly occurs while sleeping at less than one year, baby. There is no specific reason behind it, but the researchers said that sleeping babies’ side position is mostly affected by it. 


It is a flat spot in the brain. Babies have soft and developing organs; when babies sleep on one side, all the brain blood pressure puts on one side. 

Harlequin Color change:

It is the condition in newborn babies; one side of the baby has a different shade than the other side. It is not any difficult issue, as it becomes normal after changing the baby’s side position. 


When your baby sleeps on the backside, more risk of choking occurs. It happens because the torsion produces in the trachea that leads to suffocation. 


It is the shortening of neck muscles. These muscles connect the head to the clavicle. It is mostly seen in the babies who sleep on the side position.

Some tips to improve sleep:

I am discussing some tips for parents that will help out in your baby’s sleep.

  • You and baby should sleep on the same bed so that you can take care of the side. 
  • If he/she has a different bed, make sure it is just next to your bed.
  • Take pillows on all the sides of babies so that he couldn’t change his position.
  • Avoid using the high weight blankets on the baby. 
  • Make sure that baby is sleeping on the plain, soft bed. 

Overall, the best position to sleep for babies is the backside. The side positions cause many problems in the baby’s external as well as internal organs. I hope that you got all the answers. Stay blessed and happy!