Ketones in Urine Pregnancy Test; Causes and Prevention

Ketones in Urine Pregnancy Test; Causes and Prevention

Ketones in Urine Pregnancy Test; Causes and Prevention

Skipping the period and a lot of pregnancy symptoms tells about gestation. Ketones in the urine also one of the symptoms of pregnancy. When the body burns fat, ketones as a byproduct form. These ketones are then found in the urine and the situation is called ketonuria. The question arises in your mind that are these ketones in urine pregnancy helpful? Let’s discuss them in detail.

Ketones in Urine Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes a mother completely not by inside but outlook also. Hormonal changes affect the body’s resistance to insulin. This increases the glucose metabolism that prevents the glucose to utilize in the blood sugar and produce energy. The question is that is there any ketones found in urine during pregnancy?

Is it normal to be ketones in pregnancy?

Ketones are normal in pregnancy. It is because of the long period of vomiting, starvation, and fasting. So, the research told that ketonuria is a common symptom during the gestation period. You should not worry and compare it with gestational diabetes. 

Reason behind ketones in urine

There is no specific reason for ketones in pregnancy. The trace amount of ketones are because of impregnation. But if the ketones are in abundance, it causes gestational diabetes. The early diagnosis ensures the early cure of this diabetes. 

There are also some reasons for ketones in the urine.

  • Not eat properly on time. 
  • Not taking breakfast.
  • Carbohydrate consumption low
  • Fasting during pregnancy period.
  • Any illness or infection
  • Strenuous exercise 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Gestational diabetes

Is this harmful for your baby:

Yes! Ketones are a harmful substance that can easily pass through the placenta. They affected the central nervous system and the digestive system of the fetus. As result, the embryo shows abnormalities. It reduces the weight and distortion in the internal organs. 

The ketones also cause a reduction of the corpus callosum, hippocampus, lateral brain ventricles, larynx, thymus, and cerebral cortex volume. For early diagnosis, there is multiple home ketonic test that helps you in detection. 

Some lab test for ketones:

You can’t only rely on the home tests, so, make sure to visit your pedestrian. He/she must recommend some clinical medical test after seeing some symptoms i.e. 

  • Unusual thirst 
  • Tiredness
  • High blood glucose level
  • Vaginal or bladder infection

How to cure for ketones:

Whenever it is confirmed that your urine has a high ketone level so just taking the step to cure it. There is some prescribed option to treat.

  • Make sure you are taking a proper diet and eating healthy regularly.
  • If you are a diabetes patient, your doctor may recommend insulin. 
  • If it is because of the infection, then there is proper medication. 

There is no need to worry, if you find traces of ketones in your urine. It is normal in pregnancy, especially in the early days. But the abundance of ketones may lead to severe conditions and may harm your baby. So, make sure that you are taking a proper meal on time and regular checkups. Best of luck!