Top 8 Best Kid Camping Cots in 2022

Top 8 Best Kid Camping Cots in 2022

There is a time when a trusty air mattress is simply big enough to squeeze the children in between the Adult anymore. This is the point where kid camping cots are a great option. When the holidays come around many families plan outdoor activities such as camping adventures to breathe in the fresh air and simply relaxing with mother nature. But when the darkness falls and bedtime for kids then it is tough at the best times to get the kids to the bed in an ordinary fashion from the comfort of your homes.

We all have been there! Being parents, one of our biggest concerns is that our children get comfortable beds to sleep on. So to make the transition easier for the toddlers we get our kids to sleep on the bunk bed cot for kids. They are above the ground and can resemble much as their beds at home. With this, we have created this list to find the best kid camping cots which suited best to our kids. So read on to learn;

Best Kid Camping Cots in 2022

1. Disc-O-Bed camping bed for kids


Highlighted Features

  • Used as a separate cot, bench, and bunked beds.
  • It also includes side organizers to hold personal items.
  • These sleep cots for toddlers do not need tools for assembly. So it is easy to disassemble and for transportation.

Disc-O-Bed is the famous bedding manufacturer and the first in our best cots for kids to sleep on. This cot for the toddler to sleep on has come up with excellent functionalities to make the product unique among its competitors. Disc-O-Bed bunk bed cot for kids can be used as a single or double cot for camping depending upon the number of kids you have. It is one of the portable cots for kids so you can use it anywhere you move. The bunk bed cot for kids is compact, ultra-strong so you can use this child camp cot for both indoor and outdoor use.

The polyester sleeping deck makes this kids camping bed durable and promised contoured comfort without any mattress or middle brace that is one of the best features of the product. The frame of this camping toddler bed is planned in high-grade steel powder covering along with anti-rust protection, they are fit for holding up to 200 LBS, and accordingly, individuals within the weight range can also use it effortlessly. The setup doesn’t need any devices, and you can do it without anyone’s help in practically no time, created with zippered, advantageous, polyester pack and two transportation bags for putting away and carrying your baggage. Disc-O-Bed offers a two-year warranty so you can purchase the product without any hesitation.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Durable construction
  • Expensive

2. Joovy Foocot Child Cot


Highlighted Features 

  • Joovy Child cot is one of the best kids’ fold-up cots that is perfect for traveling.
  • It has two storage pockets for storing accessories.
  • The travel bag also features shoulder straps for easy carrying.

Joovy Child cot is also the best kids camping cots that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is best for daycare, camping, travel, cruises, sleepovers, playing, hotels, and any place you want to visit that requires good sleep for your kids. There are two storage pockets for holding any specific tidbit, toothbrush, pen, toys, electric lamp, and so on with ease. The travel bag is used to store this toddler camp bed, and along these lines, it makes portability easier.

The cot is equipped for holding 75 pounds, and children who are 48 inches tall can use the bed decisively, the high-grade quality material Nylon texture alongside treated steel covering guarantees you durability.

You don’t need any batteries, the setting up of the cot is created simpler so your child can use it easily. The cost of this toddler camp bed is affordable, the maker offers two years guarantee, and consequently, you can get them decisively. Measures about 6.5 pounds in weight and comes with the dimensions 25.5 x 8.5 x 6 inches.

  • Lightweight child camping cot
  • Durable
  • One of the best portable cots for kids
  • Only Best for kids age from 2 to3

3. Regalo Toddlers Camping Bed


Highlighted Features

  • Regalo camping bed for toddlers has a simple and quick-to-use system.
  • The frame is made up of steel but still, it is lightweight and able to hold up to 75 pounds.
  • The sleeping area of this child camp cot has fitted sheets that add comfort.
  • Multipurpose cot because you can use it for naptime, vacations, pre-school, playtime, and many more.

One main reason parents purchase their Children camping cots over children camping air beds is reliability. A bunk will not penetrate or harm as effectively as an air mattress. Yet, as far as I might be concerned, a smidgen of solace is forfeited in utilizing a bed over an air bed. In saying this, we have penetrated down to discover what we believe is the best camping cot for kids with an incredible comfort level.

Regalo camping bed for toddlers is the best choice because the metal frame and polyester sheet make it the best reliable cots for kids to sleep on. This species has the middle support bar stumbling into the center of the bed for hardcore support. But, what’s so acceptable about this kid camping bed is that the middle help bar isn’t felt when lying down. This is because of the strong and reliable design. The crossbar is molded away from the dozing surface to offer strong help while offering comfort while resting.

With respect to setting up and dismantling, this kid’s camping bed couldn’t get any easier. Like how a camp chair folds up, the Regalo bunk follows in a similar fashion. When collapsed down it finds a way into a provided carry case. Ideal for fast vacations and trips.

  • Durable
  • Waterproof nylon makes the process of cleaning easier.
  • It includes a fitted sheet with a carrying bag
  • The middle part of this toddler’s camping bed is somewhat higher which makes it a little bit uncomfortable.

4. Coleman Trailhead Cot


Highlighted Features

  • This cot was assembled and folded into the carry bag and the only parts you had to put together were the 2 end tension rods.
  • The canvas is heavy-duty and felt quite durable.
  • Coleman also offered a warranty if you are not satisfied with the product.

Coleman child camp cot is a durable cot that fits sleepers over 6-feet tall and keeps them over a foot off the ground. It also includes side pockets that help you to manage small things like your glasses, headlamp, or any other small items. The rails of these sleep cots for toddlers are raised to add security and keep sleepers from rolling off. The material is firm and strong, and the frame is durable enough to endure you and your tentmates battling about who will sleep in it.

The steel X-formed edge and twofold sewing add sturdiness. This foldable cots for kids will give you years of use before it breaks. It overlaps and stores in the included convey case, so it’s not difficult to store and pack in the vehicle.

The greatest disadvantage we’ve found with the Trailhead II is the assembly. We’ve had reports that the end supports are hard to join to the frame. You’ll probably need to use some influence to connect the subsequent support.

  • Comfortable child camping cot
  • Features with side pockets
  • Roomy
  • Heavy


5. Coleman ComfortSmart Cot


Highlighted Features

  • The pad is comfortable and the canvas portion of the cot has a lot of giving, so it feels much more like a bed.
  • Offers 1-year limited warranty
  • It is easy to set up and fold up.

The Coleman comfort cot is the best comfort kids camping bed that you can get by spending a few dollars. The thick foam sleeping pad acts as a mattress for bed-like cushioning just like your bed at home. It is durable due to the strong steel frame. The setup is easy just because of its simple plan.

The length will fit sleepers up to 6’6″ tall and can hold as much as 275 pounds, so it can deal with everybody from NFL tight finishes and more modest. We love the simplicity and comfort — you’re usually getting a compact bed with these youth cots.

One interesting point with ComfortSmart is its huge packed size. This sleeping cot for kids worked outdoors directly close to your vehicle. It overlays down into a fourth of its full length, which gives it a square profile that is unwieldy to convey. These children’s cots for sleeping occupy a large space in the vehicle too. In case you’re not going in an SUV or cart, it will assume control over a great deal of land in your trunk.

  • Soft tent bed for kids
  • Easy to set-up
  • affordable
  • Bulky

6. Disney Frozen Portable cots for kids


Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a portable carrying bag for easy transportation.
  • Compact and easy to set up.
  • The frame is made up of sturdy metal which makes it durable for years.
  • Kids love this cot because of their favorite cartoon characters printed on it. 

It is the best option for kids up to five years of age. This kid’s cot with a sleeping bag comes with a lot of Disney characters printed on it. The versatile sleep bed itself has an aluminum frame which is adequate to help even the heaviest of children in the age group. You will like that it sets up rapidly and you can move these nap cots for toddlers with the portable bag.

I would have loved this toddler camp bed and pillow to provide a bit more cushion. However, you can work around this by adding another layer or use some other normal pillow. Reviews of this kid camping bed are that with time it will slacken a bit and the middle bar becomes uncomfortable. For this, we recommended that you can use the sleeping bag as the cover sheet and use any normal blanket on the top.

  • One of the best portable cots for kids
  • Can be used in a variety of conditions
  • Affordable
  • Easy for set up
  • Slackness with time

7. Disc-O-Bed Double Cot for Camping


Highlighted Features

  • It is a versatile cot so you can use it for multiple purposes, like cots, sitting benches, or more.
  • Due to the silver powder coat which makes it is protected from rust. 
  • Add a sleeping pad and they are warm (no heat loss like an air mattress) and supportive. 
  • Quick to set up and great space savers.

With a 500 lbs most extreme weight limit and measurements of 82 x 32.5 x 36 inches, every bed can hold a full-sized grown-up. Additionally, with their powder-covered enemy of rust steel frames, you can tick strength off your interests.

What makes this Disc-O- double cot bed camping is its lower heights. This kid’s double cot has a statue of 11 inches and the upper bed remains at only 32 inches. In this way, there won’t be any safety concerns. The frame of this tent bed for kids also has adjusted closures that forestall ground sinking and harm to the tent floor.

However, this isn’t only a kid’s double cot, it is a complete sleeping system and it requires some investment to gather. Besides, the joined load of two cots is a tremendous 60 pounds, so they are on the heavier side. Yet, they do high-quality carry bags, they pack into these packs pleasantly and that makes carry and traveling with them simpler. In addition to all these the Disc-O- double cot bed camping is expensive as compared to the other kids camping cots. But it is a solid investment that stays long so if you want to invest in a reliable and durable option then this one is the best option for you.

  • One of the best double camping cots
  • Well-built
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used as a single or bunk of cots
  • Expensive

8. Coleman Camping Cot


Highlighted Features

  • Coleman camping cot can be used more than sleeping.
  • It is the best camping toddler bed. If your kids are comfortable sharing the bed then this one is an ideal choice.
  • The sturdy steel frame makes it durable for long times.

Coleman camping cot is a queen size cot and perfect for family campings. However, the middle frame makes it a little bit uncomfortable but the air mattress comes in and you just have to pump air into it and place it on the cot. The cot also has a sewn-in cover that keeps the air mattress set up and keeps it from sliding off. This combo also has a battery-operated air pump. 

As the case with most Coleman cots, this cot also has a steel frame and it can hold the greatest load of a huge 600 pounds.

It sets up effectively, you simply need to pull from the sides and you are good to go. Even though it is weighty at around 42 pounds, it overlaps pleasantly and you can store it in the carry bag that accompanies it. The beneficial thing about this pack is that it has got wheels that will help you in easy portability. 

The one drawback is, it squeaks at whatever point you proceed onward the cot as a result of the contact between the edge and the fabric. You can dispose of it by wrapping the bars contacting the texture with moleskin tape. Other than that, there isn’t much wrong with this cot and you would adore how comfortable it is.

  • Features side tables for holding cups
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Good for partner sleeping
  • Air mattress is comfortable
  • Legs lack a locking mechanism

Buyers Guide for the Kids Camping Cots

Below are some features you should consider while purchasing the best kids camping cots. These are as follow;

Ease of Set-up

Any piece of the gear is useless if you can’t set it up. The bed of the cot is made up of a material that is stretched tight over a frame that supports your body. Pulling the material tight enough to help your weight requires a good measure of pressure. Numerous individuals think that it’s difficult to pull the last segment of material over the edge, and often require help from someone else to pull with sufficient strength. 

As far as we can tell testing, we’ve tracked down that smaller cot packs down, the more complicated it is to set up. There are more pieces to assemble, and there are more parts that must be gotten to make and maintain tension. Also, there are regular snap-together or folding sections that can squeeze your fingers if you’re not cautious.

We’ve even had a teaster make the mistake of trying to assemble a backpacking cot with his sleeping bag lying on top of it. All the while, he snapped two pieces together over the sleeping bag material, causing a little tear in the bag. 

The outcome was billows of fine down puffing out and filling the air in the tent each time the bag moved. It prompted looking in obscurity for a piece of conduit tape to fix the opening (and a great deal of swearing). 

As is often the situation with regards to equipment, there is a tradeoff with regards to how simple an outdoor bed is to set up. The pattern is that the greater and bulkier a bed is, the simpler it is to set up.


Camping cots usually feature a cover and a frame that you want to be durable. Usually, frames are made up of aluminum and steel. Steel frames are considered the best and durable and can withstand more weight and heavier. They expect to cost you more. On the other hand, the aluminum frames are lightweight but comparatively cost less. however, the two alternatives are acceptable and would work well for you enough. 

In cot cover, we get alternatives to pick between cotton, nylon, and polyester. Cotton opposes tears and harms, yet it is difficult to clean. Along these lines, go for nylon or polyester. If you are searching for additional comfort, enjoy the great outdoors trips that come with a sleeping pad. In bedding, cushions go for loop suspension.

Size and Design

Size is also an important factor while buying the best children’s camping beds. You have to pay close attention. If your kids are comfortable in sharing a bed then you should go with double camping cots or XXL-sized cots. They not only cover a large area but also cost you less if you bought two single cots separately.

You can also go with bunk cots instead of camping cots because they also give you two normal-sized cots and still cover the space of one cot.

Portability and Storage

When you are camping with your family you have to carry more than one cot so therefore it is best to look for those which are easily portable. Look for those which are light in weight and easily foldable. 


When you set out for a camping trip with kids then the importance of a comfortable well-made sleeping system can’t be over-emphasized. In this situation camping, cots take lead and provide an off-the-ground bed-like sleeping experience and they are generally more durable as compared to the air mattresses. So whether you are planning to sleep in a tent or the open they are versatile and work well in all weather conditions. They are available in many forms and types from lightweight to even packable cots. You can always be assured that you will get a suitable camping cot according to your needs. 

In this review, I have provided you with my top picks and comfortable findings and also describe what you should look for while purchasing the best camping cots for kids. I hope this article will help you to find the best according to your needs. Leave a comment below to let us know about your experience. 

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Disc-O-Bed camping bed for kids
Joovy Foocot Child Cot
Regalo Toddlers Camping Bed
Coleman Trailhead Cot
Coleman ComfortSmart Cot
Disney Frozen Portable cots for kids
Disc-O-Bed Double Cot for Camping
Coleman Camping Cot