Tips for New Mommies; a Guide for First Time Parents

Tips for New Mommies; a Guide for First Time Parents

As a new parent, you always learn something new every day, but you do not need to figure out everything on your own. Sometimes you need advice from other parents which you will actually need. It is not an easy task to bring to your life caring for a little baby. Here I am discussing some tips for new mommies, which will give you confidence, you need to welcome your new role in your life.

Best advice for new moms 

Here I am telling you some exciting tips for new mommies should know

Do not worry about milestones

Enjoy every milestone of your baby, do not waste those precious moments in freak out that they took an extra month to do something. When your baby becomes able to talk and walk, you feel silly about your freaking out.

Live in now

You do not need to be worried about your checklist; laundry, diapers instead live in now. Enjoy every moment of your baby without any worry. 

Be ready for sick days.

Stock up re-hydration and vitamin drinks so that you do not have to run to the store at midnight if you’re young one is vomiting.

Create mini traditions

Create mini traditions and save them as big moments of your life. You can hang balloons in your baby’s room and bed, so he/she wakes up and feels so special.

Let your partner for help.

This is a great time and opportunity to develop the best bond between father and child and for you the best opportunity to take a breath. So let your partner have the charge of diaper changing or tummy time.

Sleep when the baby sleep

If you notice babies sleep unpredictably for unusual durations. Try to sleep when your toddler sleeps. Do not try this if you really need rest.

Some more advice for new mom

  • The sudden drop in hormones after delivery causes your baby skin to dry. Always try to moisture his/her skin. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.
  •  Have a friend on speed dial so that you can call it any time when you need help.
  • Do not use any shampoo or soap for your baby; only use organic oil. This is best for a short massage.
  • Do not wash your baby’s clothes with chemicals. Use non-toxic laundry products so that it is safe because some chemicals can cause allergy or rashes on your baby’s skin.
  • If you have more than one kid, then invest in fun projects which make your kids engaged in sunny and rainy days.
  • Spending time with your kid will make your bond stronger with him. Having a morning walk will make your baby fit without dieting.

No one knows your baby well. If someone gives you a suggestion, it is not a hard and fast rule that it implies to your baby, so lets your gut be your guide.