Useful Activities to Do With One-year-old Baby; a Complete Guideline

Useful Activities to Do With One-year-old Baby; a Complete Guideline


 One year is the age of observing and learning new things. The baby focuses on every step around it. Infants mostly involve in indoor games until they start walking. Different activities to do with one-year-old babies for improving their skills i.e., motor, cognitive, language, spatial, and intelligence skills. 

Activities to do with one-year-old baby:

Parents are the first institute for their children. Their involvement with child activity is an essential thing in one-year development. They should involve their baby in different physical activities. Some practical activities are discussing down:


Make a house with cardboards and ensure to make the entrance and exits space. It’ll help in learning go and out from any building. You may play first in front of the child to teach him. You can add fun by knocking the door and asking if anyone is there. 

Paper towel game:

It is an effortless activity where you have to place the paper roll or toilet roll on the wall. Then tell your baby to throw the cotton balls in the roll by doing in front of him. The baby would learn the motor and grab skills. 

Phone call:

In this activity, you need just a phone—one phone in your baby’s hand and the other one on yours. Pretend like you are talking to your friend and make silly voices. You should make it funnier so that your baby would take an interest in it. It will help in improving language skills. 


This activity will improve your child’s identity skills. Put some sticky thing or dot of lipstick on your baby’s face while distracting his attention. And then show his face in the mirror, he’ll touch the mirror where he’ll find something different. The toddler may remove it from the face after seeing something different. It’ll help him in self-identity.

Puzzles solving:

There are different toys in the market for your one-year-old toddler. Parents and babies mostly like the puzzle box. In this activity, you have to make a building from blocks for your child. The child will do himself after seeing it. You may help him in solving it. 

It’ll increase sensory and motor skills, also it develops puzzle-solving skills by giving attention.

Hand and footprinting:

Paining is a very bright and colorful activity. Cover the hand and foot with paint and print it on paper by placing hand. It gives the hand and footprint on it. The smell and cooling effect of color provide a new sensation for your child.

You can do many other indoor activities for your child for better development, i.e., music play toys, drop boxes, cornmeal sensory pool, etc. Ensure that the activities you are playing with your child should be entertaining and fun taking. It doesn’t only bore the child, but also the baby learns very fast. It even strengthens the baby’s parents’ bonding. You can also find many apps for toddlers on the internet. I hope this information helps you to find your answer. Best of luck!