What Can I Drink Besides Water While Pregnant, Healthy Alternatives

What Can I Drink Besides Water While Pregnant, Healthy Alternatives

Whatever you eat and drink during pregnancy has a direct impact on the baby’s development. Mothers are always advised what kind of food they consume during their nine-month journey, but no one has told them what to drink during pregnancy. As we discuss, every meal has a direct impact on the fetus, so they have to be very careful about what they should eat or drink. So the question arises what I can drink besides water¬† while pregnant.

One of the first things your doctor prescribes when you conceive is that you have to increase your water and fluid intake. Water is the best hydrating agent that efficiently hydrates you and your baby without harming. You should consume 2 -2.5 liters of water in a day. Many mothers-to-be do not realize that fluids take many forms; it does not contain just water. If you are curious to know about those drinks which are safe during pregnancy, you are at the right place. Here I list some healthy and nutritious drinks you can drink besides water while pregnant.

Healthy and safe drinks for pregnancy

Not all the drinks are equal during the gestation period. If you have just started your journey into motherhood, then you have to pay more attention to your diet plan. Following drinks are considered safe and beneficial for you and your infant. You can easily drink besides water while pregnant consider them. These are as follow

Coconut water

Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage, which is a healthy and safe option for you. It prevents dehydration and replenishes all-natural salts in the body. So next time, when you feel thirsty, you can consider it.


A great way to stay hydrated and fresh during pregnancy. It detoxifies your body. Lemonade consists of vitamin C, which prevents you from morning sickness and remains in a better mood during pregnancy when mood swings are a usual occurrence.what can i drink besides water while pregnant

Milk and milk-based products

Milk is the first drink that comes to mind while suggesting a mother-to-be. It is always prescribed to drink milk during the gestation period because it contains all the nutrients which you and your infant needs. It also helps you to stay hydrated and full of energy.

Milk-based products include smoothies, buttermilk, soy milk, and milkshakes. These are the best sources of vitamins, proteins, and calcium, which your young one needs for healthy development. You can also consider them without any fear.

Fruit and vegetable juices

We all know that fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. Having fruit and vegetable juices are the best option to drink instead of water during pregnancy. Commercially prepared juices contain lots of sugar, flavoring, and other ingredients that are not good for pregnancy.

So it is advised that you always prefer to consume homemade juices that are without any preservatives and flavoring ingredients.


When you are suffering from dehydration and at the same time from hunger pangs, soups are an excellent alternative to water in the gestation period.

Do Not use commercially prepared soups, which you find in the coolest section of the supermarket. They are full of preservatives, artificial flavors, and high in salt and sodium content.

Homemade soups are best because you can control which ingredient you need in bulk or which not. 

Ice tea

If you conceive in the summer, then nothing is better than a long glass of ice tea. It is excellent to treat morning sickness but limit the use of this because it is the only drink that contains caffeine.

Avoid the use of the following

Energy drinks

Do not use energy drinks during pregnancy because you do not need any extra energy. These drinks are full of caffeine, sugar, and other supplements that are harmful to your infant’s health. Always stick to healthy drinks.


Avoid the use of alcohol. Even moderate alcohol consumption is also not allowed because it affects the womb and can lead to growth and behavioral problems in the unborn baby. And excessive alcohol consumption also leads to fetal alcohol syndrome.

Start drinking healthily and provide your baby with the best possible healthy life. I hope the above open up brings some exciting options for you to enjoy your best period of life.