What Can You Do Instead of Baby Shower Games

What Can You Do Instead of Baby Shower Games

What can you do instead of baby shower games? Having a little variation in the traditional way of throwing a baby shower has made your event much more exciting and memorable. It definitely gives your party a different feel. If you are looking for remarkable baby shower ideas and activities instead of typical ones, then you are in the right place. Let’s start without any more delay;

Paint letters

It is a great activity and not as a traditional baby shower games. Make a purchase of wooden letters from the local craft store along with different paints and brushes. Encourage your guests to make unique designs, some with solid colors such as polka dots or stripes and whatever they feel about painting. This is one of those gifts which hangs in the baby’s room for years.

Beer and diaper party

Many of us heard about the diaper party, and they are sort of a growing trend and much more straightforward than traditional baby shower trends. Now, this can be fancy as you want. You only should host people at your home and ask them to bring diapers with other food resources. You can just inform the bar time and however, some don’t like this idea but wait it is a quality time to spend with your family.What Can You Do Instead of Baby Shower Games

Decorate baby clothes

Ask your guest to bring a plain white onesie with their gifts. You can find plain white clothes from any store. Now you purchase fabric paints and pens. Set out the clothes and paint material on the table and have a bonding activity time with your family.

Spa party

This is also something new which you can try. You can turn your home into a relaxing spa with candles and music tranquil. Set up different stations where guests can sit and enjoy various treatments like a face mask, nail paintings, and many more. 

Make baby food

Have you ever heard about those parties where people get together to make advanced foods and freeze them for later use? You can also think about this kind of party in which you and your family members gathered to make baby food.

It is the simplest idea and only has to do is to go to the market and purchase fruits and veggies that you can use for delicious baby food recipes.

Make sure to consider mom’s preferences before picking out foods and recipes and make sure to provide all those necessary tools needed for the cooking.

Decorate the nursery

If you have smaller people for gathering, then invite them over for an afternoon to help you to decorate your baby’s nursery. You and guests bring specific items that are needed for the decor.

You can also make this a social event by gathering more people and arranging a lunch or dinner together with board games.