What Happens if the Baby Doesn’t Burp; A complete guide About Burping

What Happens if the Baby Doesn’t Burp; A complete guide About Burping

Moms are usually worried about the baby’s burp and often raise a question of what happens if the baby doesn’t burp.

what happens if the baby doesn’t burp.

Babies need to burp more than adults and older kids. This is because babies have an undeveloped sphincter of the esophagus, which causes them to engulf a lot of air with their food. If someone does not burp a baby after feeding, this causes the air to travel in the stomach, which causes belly discomfort. So you should burp your baby after every feeding to release all the air.

Not all babies need to burp because they do it on their own, and in some cases, babies do not need it at all. But some babies need it with your help. If your baby needs to burp with your help, then read this article for guidance.

When should you burp your baby

The best time to burp your baby is just after every feeding. If your baby is breast feeder burp your baby when you switch breast during feeding, if you are a bottle feeder, then burp your baby after each ounce. Whether your baby is breast feeder or bottle feeder make sure to burp your baby when he/she finishes feeding.

Different ways to burp a baby

Burping is a simple process. Here I list how to burp a baby by different methods.

Place your baby in an upright position and pat his/her back. If your baby doesn’t burp do not panic, wait for a few minutes and try again. This is the simplest process.

But if your baby doesn’t burp then try other methods which are listed below.

Rock on your arm

Slowly turn your baby away from you at an angle of 45, so his/her tummy lies on your arm and head is gently fixed in the crook of your elbow. This position puts pressure on the baby’s belly, and you gently pat or rub on the back until he/she burps.What Happens if the Baby Doesn't Burp


Lay your baby on his back and gently cycle the baby’s leg like paddling on the cycle. This puts pressure on the stomach, and your baby burps quickly.

Grandma burp tip

Sit the baby on your lap with the heel of one hand pressed into the stomach and your fingers on either side of the chin to support the baby head. Now run your thumb and forefinger up the baby’s spine.

Place on your knees

Sit on a chair and simply move your baby in a lying position on their tummy on your knees. You can move your legs gently and also gently rub and pat the baby back until the burp comes.

When can you stop burping a baby

After two months, your baby burps on its own. When babies reach four to six month, they have developed stiff neck and stomach muscles which act as a barrier in swallowing air. But if your baby becomes fussy and gassy continue to burp up and also try some other methods which your doctor prescribed.

Burping is a fundamental way and essential for your baby, which keeps them comfortable. I hope this guide helps learn burp activity and techniques.