What is Baby Green Poop; What is the Reason Behind It?

What is Baby Green Poop; What is the Reason Behind It?

Medical expertise tells that baby’s poop plays an essential role in their life. The color of poop tells us the baby’s health condition. Many parents ask about the baby green poop and the cause of it. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What is baby green poop?

When the parents notice the green poop in the baby’s diaper, they become worried. Usually, the newborn baby’s poop is green, and it is natural—no need to worry. 

What is the reason behind it?

Bile chooses the color of poop. When the stool rush in the digestive tract, the bile doesn’t release the hormone. That’s why the stool turns to green. There are a lot of factors depend on it:

Imbalance of foremilk and hindmilk: 

Breast milk is essential for a newborn baby. The mother produces low fat with high sugar content in the milk, which is called foremilk. But gradually, the mother’s milk converts to high fat with high calories. But it has seen that some mother switches their milk that causes the green poop.


Sometimes green stool is because of any illness. Infants have very weak immune, so they quickly get a bacterial infection in the stomach that causes a green chair. The mother should continue her milk because breast milk has antibacterial factors in it. 


Diet is very crucial in this period. Imbalance food makes your baby in stress and leads to green poop. Mostly the infant is affected by the change of milk. Green stool occurs when the mother switches its breast milk to cow’s milk. The baby doesn’t feel comfortable. 

Green food:

In toddler age, the baby’s health is dependent upon the mother’s food. If the mother eats a lot of green vegetables or food, it also affects the baby’s health. And the baby’s poop changes its color.

Iron supplement:

Taking of iron supplements by mother or baby changes hormonal secretion. Sometimes you give more than average iron supplements to your baby that also cause the dark green stool.


Diarrhea is also a cause of green stool. When the baby’s digestive system doesn’t work correctly, it results in many issues. Not only it causes loose motion but also the reason behind the loose green stool.

Insufficient milk: 

When a baby couldn’t get the required amount of milk, it affects his stomach and causes hormonal imbalance. Baby doesn’t reach their nutrient requirements. So, insufficient milk leads to this type of disease. 

So, I hope that you have found that it is not as hazardous as you think. You need to focus on all these guidelines and proper attention towards green poop. If your baby’s stool continuously shows green color, ask the pediatrician. Stay healthy. Good luck!