What Is Cervical Mucus; Do Cervical Mucus Detect Early Pregnancy?

What Is Cervical Mucus; Do Cervical Mucus Detect Early Pregnancy?

Female body hormones activate in teenagers. These hormones release much fluid from the body that is good to remove. Any increase or decrease of these fluids may lead to many issues. Moreover, these somehow help to check out any internal changes that occur in the mother. So, today we’ll discuss, “what is cervical mucus?”

What is Cervical Mucus?

Cervical mucus is the discharge that is secreted by the vagina. It doesn’t produce by the cervix but by the gland present near the cervix. this is the early menstruation cycle that is a sticky and thick liquid. It helps to prevent the area from any infection. 

 Does cervical mucus detect early pregnancy?

Normally, the liquid discharge is thin, white clear, and has a mild odor. The color of mucous changes all the time, especially in pregnancy. So, the discharge liquid has an unusual appearance like:

  • Bad or foul smell
  • Color turns to yellow, greenish or grey 
  • Cause swell, itching, irritation or burning

 It means that you must consult your doctor because these are the sign of infection. 

Pregnancy detection:

This white clear discharge frequently in women while pregnant, but don’t be confused with the LEUKORRHEA. When women get pregnant, leukorrhea production increases because of the high level of estrogen and the blood flow in the vagina. 

But this detection is after eight weeks so, before this, the missing period is the only detection. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, the discharge increase due to eliminating any bacteria and harmful substance through the vagina. 

After some time the mucous plug releases that block the cervix to protect from any infection. During impregnation, the pink or brown discharge also occurs. There are multiple reasons for this. 

Implantation: Mostly women see a small spot on their underwear in early pregnancy. This is just because when an embryo implants in the uterus. 

Intercourse or vaginal track: While pregnant the pink, brown discharge also occurs because the vagina or cervix may be irritated by this. Hence, the overflow of blood causes this lining discharge.

Vigorous show: Hard workouts during pregnancy may also cause this discharge lining. It is not dangerous until the blood flow increases. Otherwise, it’s just a sign to do less challenging exercise.

Bloody show: In the last weeks of pregnancy, the mucous eliminates through the cervix. This slowly mucous plug releases and the pink, brown lining discharge. 

So, in short, cervical mucous plays important role in pregnancy time. The mother should not worry and get connected to her doctor. Moreover, if you observe any infection symptoms, ask your doctor as soon as possible. I hope you got your answer. Stay blessed! Best of luck!