What is the Best Milk for One-year-old Baby;a Complete Guideline

What is the Best Milk for One-year-old Baby;a Complete Guideline

Milk is the primary and very essential need of the child. Mother’s milk is full of all nutrition that is helpful in healthy growth and development. But somehow, the mother has to quit breastfeeding due to some issues, so she seems to worry and confuse choosing alternative milk. If you are also finding “what is the best milk for a one-year-old baby?” you are in the right place. Let’s start:

The best milk for a one-year-old baby:

Most people think that children should take whole milk with less fat. Yeah! The doctor indeed advised giving 26 to 32-ounce milk normally. But if your family has obesity, heart disease, or blood pressure, then you have to provide milk in a controlled amount. Some best milk for a one-year baby are here follow:

Breast milk: 

The WHO (world health organization) advised mothers to feed your milk to infants for at least two years. Mother’s milk has all the required vitamins and calcium; that is the requirement a baby. It has a high content of fats than cow milk. The human body absorbs and thoroughly digest the mother milk as it is specie specification. 

Cow’s milk:

Cow’s milk contains all the raw materials that are essential in baby growth. It contains 150 calories per 8 ounces. But it has a high quantity of fat in it, which is somehow not suitable for under one-year baby. It is the whole nutrient milk and best for a two-year-old baby. 

Toddler formula:

Some mothers can’t feed their milk to infants because of some medical issues. So, in the market, there is a lot of toddler formula milk. These kinds of milk have all the required nutrients i.e., iron, calcium, vitamin, and fats. It is a balanced diet milk and is an excellent alternative solution. 

Soy milk: 

Some children can’t take dairy milk because of allergy. So, soy milk is good for them. It has all the essential vitamins in it with low sugar. 40% of babies are allergic to cow milk. You can give soy milk in place of it but an incomplete observation. 

Rice milk:

Those children who are allergic and can’t consume cow or soy milk preferred to rice milk. It is not good as rice milk has low protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins than dairy milk. Vegetarians mostly take this milk, but it is not healthy. 

Almond milk:

Same like rice milk, it also has low fat and protein. It’s up to the toddler’s choice if he likes it or can digest it easily. But make sure you provide all the other necessary nutrients food on the other side. 

As milk is a fundamental need for toddlers, you must ensure that you provide the best suitable one for your child. There are also child doctors that recommend the best milk according to your child’s health. Hemp and goat milk is also very nutritious milk. It would help if you also took necessary cautions before feeding your child. Your environment and the bottle of milk should be germ-free. I hope this content helped you. Good luck!