What is the Difference Between a Fetus and a Baby

What is the Difference Between a Fetus and a Baby

What is the difference between a fetus and a baby? A baby is a baby well, not truly. From the day when your egg is fertilized to that day when the baby comes to this world goes through many developmental changes. The unborn goes through many changes to become a young one So when does the fetus become a baby?

Embryo vs fetus

With every week of pregnancy, your baby-to-be develops by leaps and bounds. You might hear that the doctor discusses different phases of pregnancy and uses different terminology like zygote, embryo and fetus. 

When fertilization occurs, development starts. At this stage, zygote formation occurs. When the zygote is implanted in the uterine wall, then actual development starts. At the 8th week of gestation, your baby is called an embryo. It is the necessary fundamental framework stage in which all the major systems of the body develop.  

Your unborn is not called a fetus until the 9th week of pregnancy. Fetal, on the other hand, is also an important phase which makes your baby survive outside the world.

When does a fetus become a baby

Some raised arguments that a unborn becomes a baby after 12 weeks and others argued that a fetus becomes a baby at 20th week of gestation. From the medical point-of-view pregnancy is not valuable until 22-24 weeks. Advancement in medical technology allowed scientists to observe the fetal developmental very closely. 

What is the difference between the fetus and a baby 

Here I give you an overview and describe the actual difference between the fetus and a baby from a medical point-of-view.

Definition of fetus

 a fetus is a period immediately following the embryonic period and begins at the 9th week of pregnancy. And this stage prolongs until the delivery date arrives. Until the delivery date, the fetus is the real medical term to describe your unborn.

Definition of baby

It is common that people refer to their unborn child as a baby.  But on the other hand, some people do not call the fetus a baby until he/she is able to survive on its own outside the womb. According to this, the fetus is a living organism but not yet a baby which is actually a medical point-of-view.


Regardless of the scientific rules and laws a pregnant woman and his partner have the right to pronounce her unborn child using the terminologies like fetus or baby they are most comfortable with. As a mother, it is your right to decide when your unborn is officially a baby.