What is the Outie Belly Button; is It Harmful to the Baby?

What is the Outie Belly Button; is It Harmful to the Baby?

Becoming a mother is not an easy task. You have to go to a lot of worries, somehow with pain. But yeah! Indeed, you can’t be careless about your baby’s health. If we talk about the belly button, there are two kinds of switches, i.e., innies or outies. Omphalomancy theory told us that the belly button describes the personality traits of a person. So, here we’ll talk about the outie belly button. 

What is the outie belly button?

It seems that the majority of the people have an inner belly button. But many people have an outie. Outie belly button is the belly button on the outer side. Many people consider it harmful, but it isn’t. 

While pregnancy, many women get their innie as an outie. It is just because of the growth of the fetus. After delivery, it comes to stock. It is a temporary effect. Everyone has a different size and shape of belly buttons. After birth, the umbilical cord is clamped out and cut. After one to three weeks, it dries and shrink and falling off. 

What is the cause of outie?

The clamped and cutting way doesn’t mean the reason behind an outie in the baby.  It doesn’t work because of any medical issue. In some infants, it is because of umbilical granuloma or hernia. 

Umbilical Granuloma:

It is the outgrowth of some tissues in the baby belly button after the clamped and cut off. It is of pink or red appearance and, after some time, the yellow or clear liquid discharge. It is not harmful to babies and could be treated by your self within a week.  But if it takes longer, you may ask the pediatrician. 

You can also treat it in the home by this method:

  • Clean the area with some tissue and pressed gently.
  • Now apply a small amount of table salt there; make sure more than a little pinch could damage the skin.
  • Now cover it for thirty minutes. 
  • Clean the area with warm water. 
  • Repeat the process two times a day for three days.

Umbilical hernia:

Usually, it doesn’t seem harmful. It is occurred by the intestinal bulges. When the small part of the bulges passes through the umbilical opening into the muscles, it results in naval swelling. It mostly occurs in premature babies, black babies, and low birth weight babies. 

At the age of 2, it usually closes by itself. It is not painful or shows any symptoms in babies. If at the age of four, the hernia doesn’t go away. Then ask to doctor; it may surgically remove to prevent any future complications.

If your baby shaves hernia and showing these symptoms, talk to the pediatrician in an emergency. 

  • The bulge is painful
  • The bulge swallow and change its color
  • The baby starts vomiting.

These are rare symptoms and very critical, so take your baby to the doctor in an emergency. 

So, in short, outie is not harmful. It is widespread in people. But sometime at the start of the ages, it may sever. I hope you had found your answer. Stay blessed and healthy. Good luck!