What is the Right Age to Get Pregnant;complete Guideline for You

What is the Right Age to Get Pregnant;complete Guideline for You

It is possible to have a baby at 30 or 40s, but passing years makes it challenging. When you want to expand your family, there are lots of questions like what is the right age to get pregnant. The fact is every age has its own advantages and disadvantages for having a child. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of pregnancy that are dependent on the woman who wishes to have a baby. 

what is the right age to get pregnant

Does age matter for getting pregnant? Yes, age matters a lot for getting pregnant. From a survey, the best age to get pregnant is between 20 and 35. The reason behind is that the women at this age group are perfectly fit for the pregnancy period.  At this age, they feel fewer complications and eggs are healthiest at this age. So it is the best period to conceive. Here we will discuss in detail to get more information about it according to every age group.  Let us Continue.

Pregnancy at different ages

Some people think that having a pregnancy at 20-25 is the best time to have a baby. But some people do not think before the 30 they do not consider 20-25 the best age.

Pregnancy at 20-25 years

It is the peak fertility time, and women have a higher chance to conceive. Let us discuss some pros and cons of this. 

  • You have less chance of miscarriage at this age. 
  • At this age, you have less chronic medical conditions and have enough energy, which lasts you through a pregnancy.
  • Babies are healthy, and there is less chance of chromosomal aberration.
  • You can easily regain your pre-pregnancy body shape because your body tissues which keep your waist in its place cannot be stretched out and weight gain.
  • However, it is a time when most women are not emotionally prepared for pregnancy.

Pregnancy during 26-35 years

This is considered the best time for having a baby and especially for those who have a healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition. Around this time, women are physically and mentally prepared. But you should keep in mind the following thing if you plan a baby at this time.

  • It is the best time to conceive for working women. And it is observed that those who gave birth at this age developed more health problems later in life.
  • You must remember that the rate of fertility decreased at this age, and the chance of C-section increased among women at the of 30-34.
  • The rate of miscarriage is increased by 15% while there is no significant change in the risk of Down syndrome. 

Pregnancy above 40

Number of women aged 40 and above giving birth has increased more significantly from recent decades. However, the chance falls 5% every month. If you plan a baby at this age, then you should know the following facts

  • Additional tests and more close monitoring is needed at this age.
  • Risk of gestational diabetes increases six times.
  • Figures indicate that about a third of women suffer from infertility at this age.  
  • Quantity and quality of eggs decline with the passage of time. Babies developed with old eggs have a higher chance of congenital disabilities. 

Pregnancy at this age has many risks as compared to a healthy pregnancy. These risks include

  • Premature birth 
  • C-section delivery
  • Stillbirth
  • Congenital disabilities

Men’s age and fertility

Not only egg quality matters, but men’s sperms also matter a lot. And just like women, men’s fertility also declines with the age. The men’s fertility decreases up to seven per cent each year after 41 years. The chance of miscarriage increase if the father’s age is 45 irrespective of the mother age. 

So It is advised to consult your doctor while you are planning a family from any complications.