What Symptoms do guys get when a girl is pregnant

What Symptoms do guys get when a girl is pregnant

When your partner is expecting, possibilities that you also share some of her pregnancy symptoms. Studies reveal that more than 90% of dads-to-be share one or more symptoms. So the question arises,what symptoms do guys get when girl is pregnant

Symptoms do guys get when the girl is pregnant

Becoming the parent is the most exciting and emotional event of your life. If your partner is pregnant, take steps to control stress and prepare for fatherhood. Here I list some symptoms for a guy when a girl is pregnant. 


When your partner is expecting her estrogen level to increase due to which she feels sick and suffers from stomach anxiety. You also suffer from nausea because your diet plan also changed due to your partner craving a habit. Exercise is the best way to stay active and activate good feel hormone.


Even the coolest dude can experience restlessness and anxiety. Reach out to the other expectant dads, and they will be there to share your experience with you. Also,  discuss with your soul-mate, she will experience the same feelings. Get Involved in your partner’s pregnancy; this will make you feel more comfortable. 

Mood swings

Do not be shocked if you also suffer from mood swings. Having a baby in your life is a life-changing event, and it is magnificent to be concerned about this. You hit these thoughts in the night and result in a lack of sleep. You are worried about your partner, whether she is fine or not. Being a new parent demands practice, and you will learn on the job. Don’t worry; you will be an amazing dad.

Weight gain

It is not for the mom-to-be. Weight gain is also a symptom that fathers-to-be face. Men gain about 2 kg average during their partner pregnancy time. Craving snaking may be the one reason for this, and other includes stress level.

Hormones that control insulin and blood sugar levels feel you hungry when you are actually not. This activates your relaxation hormones in the body but extra fat stores in the belly region and results in an increase in your abdomen. 

Aches and pain

This is also a sympathy pregnancy symptom. Research reveals that the guy feels the same pain at the same time at the same place where his co-partner experiences. There is no significance behind this, but usually, leg cramp, back pain, and toothache complaints are common through which dad-to-be suffered during his partner gestation period.

Please discuss with your partner about your feelings and fares and listen to her with all the ears. You both will feel better.