What to Do When Baby Fell Off Bed; Is There Need to Worry?

What to Do When Baby Fell Off Bed; Is There Need to Worry?

Whenever the baby starts growing, he starts moving the most. It helps in developing the muscles. But it is somehow dangerous for your baby. Mostly, it has seen that it results in the baby fell off bed. Parents asked that is there need to worry when their baby fell off bed?

What to Do When Baby Fell Off Bed?

Looking at your baby fell off the bed is frightening, but you must be calm and look at the injury of the baby. Falling from the bed usually doesn’t cause any serious issue. But caretakers or parents must be aware of the signs that need a medical checkup. 

What to do at first:

Whenever your baby fell apart, you must remain in your senses. If your baby shows these signs, you should immediately call 911 without touching or picking up your child.

  • He is bleeding
  • He has lost his consciousness
  • If you see any serious injury

These are some very critical issues so make sure that you are not touching or picking up your baby. Moving the head or baby can cause spinal injury or serious complications. But if there are chances to get a further injury, gently move your baby to another place.

If your baby shows vomiting, softly move their head towards your self. But the neck should be straight while turning. But if your baby doesn’t show any serious injury on the head, arms or legs, move them to a safe and comfortable place. 

Possible Injuries:

There are several possible injuries after felling from the bed.

  1. Concussion
  2. Scalp injury
  3. Brain injury
  4. Sculp fracture

Concussion: In this, a brain jolt occurs inside the skull because of the blow to the head. It can’t be detected easily as it has no physical symptoms.  The baby may be lost his consciousness, vomit, irritation, or any unusual symptoms. 

Scalp injury: The scalp is the skin with a lot of blood vessels inside it. Due to any reason, the vessel is injured and causes excessive bleeding. Sometimes, it may swell and remain for a few days.

Brain Injury: It is the central unit of the body and a very sensitive part. It controls all the body functions with the help of blood vessels, neurons, and tissues. So, any damage to it can mentally retard your kid. The symptoms are less or abnormal breathing, excessive bleeding, unconsciousness, vomiting, or changing patterns of life. 

Skull fracture: This skull bone is the covering of the brain. When a baby falls from height, there are many chances to break it. The results are clear liquid out from the ear or eyes. 

These are the severe issue and need an instant call to 911 and take your baby with full care to the hospital. If your baby doesn’t show any of these symptoms or effects, be happy. He is safe and sound. But for your comfort, you must take to the doctor. if your baby continuously felling from one place, change his bed or couch. I hope you have to get your answers in this article. Stay safe and healthy. Good luck!