What to Give a One-year-old for Constipation; Causes, Symptoms, and Cure

What to Give a One-year-old for Constipation; Causes, Symptoms, and Cure

Infants are susceptible to their health. Their body has a weak immune system and digestion level. Most parents worry when something irregular happens to their child. It is common when they have the first child. “What to give a one-year-old for constipation?” is the usual question asked by parents. We’ll discuss it here.

What to give a one-year-old for constipation?

Parents watch every laugh, cry, and happy behavior of a toddler. And they predict their mood by their behavior. Bowel movement always doesn’t encourage by parents because of their busy routine . Constipation is also not a good sign because it leads to many diseases.


In adults, you can find a lot of reasons behind it. But in children, there are few causes because their diet is effortless and controlled. 

  • Milk and cheese are the leading cause of constipation. It causes hard pale stole that leads to pain. 
  • Fibers are essential for the body as it makes stole soft and easy to pass. you can find it in vegetables and fruits. That is why babies need fruits and vegetables in addition to milk. 
  • Liquid or fluid is a basic need. Water is one of the most common examples. Low intake of liquid cause hard and dry stole. 
  • Sometimes bowel has some blood in it. Pushing out stole need force, and because of it, blood also came. 


Parents with a first child have to face many problems. They don’t know any symptoms about any mishap with the child. There are some symptoms down that help you to know:

  • Baby, don’t pass stole and feel pain. You’ll watch him crying during a bowel movement.
  • Three to four days without BM (bowel movement) 
  • The baby force to pass stole for 10 minutes but can’t.


Now, the answer to your question is here that how could you cure this. There are different remedies and medicines here to help you out.

Solid food:

Fibers are the most vital nutrient. They are consuming carbs results to improve bowel movement. You have also listened many times that solid food is necessary as like milk. Whole grain bread, cooked grains, and oats are perfect. 

Switch the milk:

It has also seemed that every baby has different health issues. Some feel healthy in breastfeeding, whereas some use toddler formula, cow’s milk. Breastfeeding mothers need to check her diet and avoid unhealthy food. At the same time, others need to switch their milk. 

Water consumption:

Hydrating your body is easy to cure in this situation. Our body is composed of 78% water. Doctors recommend 7 to 8 glass water is the average routine. It doesn’t only help in lower constipation but also cures the skin issues.


Gentle massage on the belly, lower abdomen, and stomach also cure this issue. It stimulates the body and helps to pass out stole easily. 

These are standard solutions to this problem. But if your child doesn’t respond favorably on these remedies. Then don’t worry, you can ask any child specialist. Some medicines are also available in the market. But don’t use it without any prescription. Stay healthy and safe.