When Can Babies Drink Juice; Useful Tips for Moms

When Can Babies Drink Juice; Useful Tips for Moms

A lot of firsts you will witness as your child grows. Some developments are initiated on their own, and some are by their parents like when to stop breastfeeding and formula feeding. It can be tricky for parents when to start, how to start. When can babies drink juice is also a question asked by parents.

There are many kinds of juices present in the market, which make it more difficult for parents. In this post, we will discuss it, which is helpful for you. So let’s continue;

When can babies drink juice

According to modern research, it is best to wait until your baby is one year old or unless your doctor prescribed it to manage constipation. It is just because of the growing concerns of tooth decay and the rate of obesity. 

Tips for introducing juice to your child

The best time is to give up juice when the baby is sitting up at regular mealtime. It should always be given in a cup, not in a bottle.

Water it down

It is helpful for your child to water down the juice. If one percent juice, then adds 1o percent water aim for it. This is because the flavor of juice might be overwhelming. So it is best to start with mostly water and little juice.

As your child becomes habitual, then you gradually lower the water content and increase juice. 

Choose the right cup.

To avoid direct exposure of acid and sugar to your child’s teeth, than not to consider sippy cups for juice. It is better to offer dilute juice and supervise your toddler to avoid spills.

Things you should consider while purchasing juice for your child

It includes

  • 100% pure fruit juice
  • No added sugar
  • Mild flavors such as apple or pear are best to take start
  • 100% purified

Drawbacks of giving juice

Fruit juices are considered healthier, but it is not as good as the actual fruits. Toddlers need two to three servings of fruits in a day, which can be obtained by the juices. There are also some other drawbacks of giving juices to the child. These are as follow;

  • Weight issue
  • Diarrhea
  • Decrease appetite for nutritious foods
  • Citrus usually caused diaper rash


Generally, babies do not need juices, but if you want to replace the daily serving of fruits with juice, then be sure about the limit. It is best to consult with your doctor and follow up on his guideline.