When Can Babies Have Ice Cream; Useful Tips for New Moms

When Can Babies Have Ice Cream; Useful Tips for New Moms

Prohibited foods are tastier. We always wish to have those foods which are told not to eat. Ice cream is one of them. It is uncontrollable to avoid ice cream. When it comes to our little ones, the question arises when can babies have ice cream. In this post, we will discuss it and share some delicious ice cream recipes for your babies.

When can babies have ice cream

When your little one turns six months, you should introduce him to a variety of foods other than breast milk. Switching to newer foods provides your baby with all essential nutrients and vitamins which he/she needs for healthy growth and development. But Babies have delicate digestive systems, so it is hard to determine what and when to give your baby certain foods. Ice cream is one of those foods. 

It is best to wait until your baby is one year old. You can give your baby a tiny taste before then because little ones might have trouble with detectable dairy products. This is because many brands add preservatives, food colors, and other artificial ingredients. These ingredients are unhealthy for your growing babies and challenging for your babies to digest.

Useful tips to introduce ice cream for babies.

Talk to your doctor before introducing ice-cream for babies. Here are useful tips for introducing ice cream for babies.

Be sure about ingredients.

Always read the ingredients carefully before offering to your little one because certain ingredients may cause allergic reactions. Always avoid ice cream made up of raw milk because it contains bacteria, which may cause trouble.

Do not overdo

Always take start with small bites. Once you introduce, do not overdo it just because your baby enjoys it. Overdo may cause future long problems such as tooth decay and overweight issues. 

Just offer one or two spoons once in a week or two. 

Try alternatives

If your baby loves ice-cream, you can offer him/her homemade desserts smoothies, chilled fruit purees, flavored yogurt, and sweets. Too much exposure to cold ice cream can damage pharynx. 

It is advised to avoid ice cream in cold weather and if your baby is sneezing and his/her nose is running. 

Simple baby ice cream Recipes

Homemade ice creams are always the best option for your child. Make sure to use those ingredients which are safe for your child. Here I list some delicious simple homemade ice cream recipes you can try easily.

Chocolate ice cream

Mix cocoa and sugar in a bowl gently and add milk slowly and continue mixing for five minutes. Now add cream, vanilla, and a pinch of salt and mix well. Turn the mixture in ice cream maker and churn for 20 minutes. Now pour it in the ice cream container and enjoy it.

Vanilla frozen yogurt ice cream

Mix yogurt, vanilla, and sugar well in a bowl cover it with a lid and freeze. Now pour the mixture in ice cream maker and churn for 20 minutes. Now pour it in the ice cream container and enjoy it.


Always add healthy and nursing ingredients so that your baby eats something nutritious and enjoys the taste. However, do not hurry to introduce ice cream; your baby will wait until he/she celebrates his/her first birthday. 





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