When Can My Baby Sleep With a Blanket; Safety Tips for Parents

When Can My Baby Sleep With a Blanket; Safety Tips for Parents

New parents have a lot of questions about their babies’ sleep. Before adding anything to your baby’s life, it is important to know whether it is safe or not. If you are wondering when can a baby sleep with a blanket, then you must read on for the answer.

When can baby sleep with a blanket

It is advised not to use a blanket if your child is under 12 months because it increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or suffocation. So the question arises, how can you keep your baby warm in the meanwhile.

It is advised to use a tie or wearable blankets because these are sacks like bags that are not bunching up around your baby’s face. They minimize the risk of suffocation and SIDS. But when you decide to use blankets, consider the following tips. 

  • Use smaller blankets instead of larger ones because babies can entangle in the larger one easily and increase the risk of suffocation.
  • Also, consider fabric as they are also included in the safety. Always buy muslin blankets because it is a better option for your child.
  • Consider blankets without long ribbons and ties as they sometimes wrap around the child and are not safe for bedtime for your child.

Some other safe sleep tips for your child

Beside keeping blanket safety tips, you should also consider some other safe sleep tips for your child.

  • Going for bedtime or nap, dress your baby in only about one layer. Check your baby more and often to avoid overheating.
  • Your child bassinet should be located around your bed during his/her first six months. If you used to co-sleep with your young one, then remove all extra blankets and pillows from your baby’s sleep area.
  • If your baby flips on his/her stomach routinely, then continue to put them on their back when you place them in the bassinet.
  • When your child is able to pull himself,sit up and stand, do not forget to lower the crib mattress.
  • Being a parent makes sure he/she is comfortable with your decision about using a blanket. Because you are responsible for your baby.

It is advised when your baby celebrates his/her first birthday. You are free to place a blanket and his/her favorite toy in the bassinet. In this age, most babies are strengthened enough to roll over and move blankets away from their face if they need. But the decision is ultimately your’s.