When Can My Baby Start to Swim; Safety Tips for Parents

When Can My Baby Start to Swim; Safety Tips for Parents

Swimming is delightful, but drowning is a real danger. There are many risks for babies around water; they can even drown in 5 cm of water. Babies can go into the water and can also pick up an infection from the water. So the question is, when can my baby start to swim?

When can my baby start to swim

It is generally advised to wait until your baby is two months old before going for a swim. Babies’ swimming session usually starts at six months but not at the public pool because its water is too cold for them. Newborn babies are not able to swim; they have to learn this just like other milestones. But most babies do enjoy the water which reflects that they have some primitive sort of swimming skills, so you do not have to wait for long for them. Let us learn how to be safe in the water with your baby.

Safety tips for swimming

It is important to know precautionary measures before setting your baby for swimming lessons. Drowning can happen in any second, which may cause the death or sudden injuries for your baby, so you should be very careful. That is why it is important to know how to be safe. Here I am discussing some safety tips you should consider

  • Before going swimming with your baby, you must have swimming nappies, a towel, a snack afterward, a nappy bag, and a change mat.
  • Always have an adult watching the baby when he/she is in the swimming pool. Never leave your baby unattended.
  • Toys help your baby to float.  
  • Parents should have basic water-safety training for emergency situations.
  • Some researchers are strictly against the air-filled swim aids because they become easily punctured and deflate. So try to avoid them, if you still want to use them then make sure you’re there.
  • It is advised for babies to use your home swimming pool which should be fenced from all sides at least 4 feet and must have a childproof gate.
  • Don’t be pushy; if you feel your baby scared, take him out and tell him it is fine.

Always start from a bath hub.it is a convenient way to make your baby use too. I hope with him so that he feels safe. This made him well practiced for swimming in the swimming pool.