When Can the Baby Hear Dad’s Voice in the Womb; Bond With Your Baby

When Can the Baby Hear Dad’s Voice in the Womb; Bond With Your Baby

When can the baby hear dad’s voice in the womb? When pregnant women get used to the idea of the baby growing inside them, they might start talking to their babies and encourage their spouse to talk with the baby bump. It is a common habit observed in many parents. In the second trimester of the gestation period, your baby will be able to detect your voice. The tunes, voices, and noises he/she hears in the womb help him to get used to the environment.

When can hearing develop

New parents often wonder when the baby can hear in the womb. Through the first and second trimester, your baby’s ear continues to develop. The inner ear connects with the brain, which is responsible for the processing of sound. Around the 16th week, it is likely that they are well developed for your baby to hear limited noises. Evidence suggests that hearing sense develops from the 18th week of the gestation period and continues to develop until the baby becomes 5 or 6 months of age. Over the next few weeks, your baby hears more and more.  In the 24th week, your baby is able to turn their head in response to your voice.

When can the baby hear dad’s voice in the womb?

Well, when you are pregnant, the most manifest noise which baby will hear is yours. But do not despair, dad, your baby also learns to recognize other voices, including yours. Research reveals that during the 22 and 24th weeks of gestation, newborns react differently towards repeated sounds and words he/she can hear during the third trimester. So when you read and sing to your baby, he/she is learning your voice.

This is the time when the fetus hears the sound of the dad. Dads can make a special bond with their babies, and when they are born, they are familiar with dad’s voice. Your voice helps them to become confident in the world.

What does it sound like in the womb?

When the fetus’s auditory nerves develop, they will be able to detect sound from the outside and within the woman’s body. The fetus is able to hear the sound of digestion and the heartbeat of the mother.

As we discuss earlier in the 23rd week of gestation, babies are able to hear sounds from the outside the womb. These voices include music and speech. As we know that amniotic fluid surrounds the baby, women’s body tissues encase them, so the noise coming from the outside is muffled.


The ears develop when the brain, auditory nerves, and specific pathways start to develop, which usually occur in the 23rd week of pregnancy. The auditory system requires stimulation. This stimulation is provided by the speech, music, and sound, and your fetus will be able to develop more and more. As we discussed earlier, babies continue to develop hearing sense after birth until 5 or 6 months.