when Can You Hear a Baby Heartbeat; Heartbeat of your fetus

when Can You Hear a Baby Heartbeat; Heartbeat of your fetus

Since you know you are pregnant, one of the first milestones you have eagerly been waiting for is hearing your unborn heartbeat. Hearing your fetus’s heartbeat for the first time is something you will never forget. An ultrasound can pick up this sound as early as 6th week. Every week significant changes are happening to the fetus’s heart. with this milestone a question arise; when can you hear a baby heartbeat.

When can you hear a baby heartbeat

You will probably be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time around the 9th or 10th week of pregnancy. It will be about 170 beats per minute. Your doctor will place a handheld doppler on your baby bump to amplify this sound.

Do not panic if you do not listen your baby’s heartbeat. Your baby’s position can make it difficult to hear. The womb can also make a difference; if you have an anterior placenta, the sound you are looking for may be harder to find. So leave this on your doctor.

Different ways to hear the baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy

Different instruments can hear the baby’s heartbeat. Here are some listed below

  • Stethoscope

One of the simple ways to listen to your baby’s heartbeat is by using a stethoscope. A good quality stethoscope is able to detect your unborn heartbeat around 18 to 20 weeks. Around this time, your baby’s heartbeat will be strong enough for you to hear with a stethoscope.

You will need to be patient while trying this method. It may not be accurate if your baby’s heart is not strong enough.

  • Fetal monitor

You can also purchase a fetal monitor to hear your fetus’s heartbeat. You will not be able to pick up heartbeat until your fifth-month pregnancy because these are not as strong as doctor equipment. Consult your doctor while purchasing this device. Once you have purchased this device, make sure to follow the instructions to monitor accurate results.

  • Ultrasound

Your doctor may also schedule an early ultrasound scan, which can help you to hear your baby’s heart rate around the eighth week of pregnancy.

Tips to keep baby’s heart-healthy

Many changes are going to happen when your baby is in your womb. There are specific steps you can take to ensure your babies heart health

  • Take folic acid before and during pregnancy. This helps you to prevent congenital heart diseases in babies.
  • If you have diabetes, especially type ii diabetes keep your blood sugar under control during pregnancy because diabetes is associated with an increased risk of heart defects.
  • Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs.
  • Avoid the use of Accutane( for acne); this may be fatal for the fetus.

To hear the baby’s heartbeat at home is an excellent way to develop a strong bonding. A healthy pulse is an indication that the baby is developing well. Ensure that you keep your appointments with your doctor and check your unborn heartbeat from time to time.