When Do Babies Eyes Change; Factors Affecting the Eye Color

When Do Babies Eyes Change; Factors Affecting the Eye Color

When a baby is born, you discover all his unique features and decide which parent he looks more alike. You wonder again and again and wait for the moment when the baby’s eyes color changes. Will he always have blue color or brown. In this article, we will discuss when do babies’ eyes change.Read on to learn.

When do babies eyes change

Babies’ eye color usually changes during the first year, and most significant changes occur between three and six months. When your baby is born, he/she may take blue color, but it does not mean that he/she carries it for life.  Babies Eye color changes from third to six months, and in some cases, it prolongs to three years. So it is impossible to determine the exact time. 

According to a general rule, babies iris color change from light to darker tone. If your baby has blue eyes, there are possibilities that it may change into hazel, green and brown. Some factors influence eye color. Here I discuss some significant factors due to which eye color changes. 

Factors affecting eye color

When we talk about eye color, we often wonder why babies’ eye color changes. There are two significant factors that influence the eye color. These are 

  • Genetics
  • Melanin

Let us dive deep to know how they affect the iris color.


Genes have a major influence on the eye color. Genes that are inherited by the parents play a significant role in determining the eye color. According to the experts, 15 genes are responsible for determining the eye color in babies. The HERC2 gene is responsible for representing brown color, and it is the dominant gene.When Do Babies Eyes Change

If parents have brown eye color, there are possibilities that the baby has the same color. But in some cases, the gene skips a generation.  For example, if both parents have blue eyes and one carries the brown gene from the grandparents, there are possibilities to express that suppress gene in the grandchild. So it is impossible to predict the exact eye color because no one knows which gene they carry.


It is a color pigment and responsible for eye, skin, and hair color. It is an essential pigment in the human body. Melanin begins to start when the baby changes its eye color for the first time. If the baby has brown eyes, it indicates that the baby has an excess amount of melanin in the iris, and if the eyes are with light colors, i.e., blue hazel and green, it means the iris has less amount of melanin pigment.

Your baby will experience too many changes during the first year. Some changes will be under your control while others are totally out of control. Besides contributing genes, you cannot do anything for the eye color of your baby. So be patient and not to overthink about it. Enjoy every milestone of your child.