When Do Babies Open Their Eyes; Useful Tips to Encourage Vision

When Do Babies Open Their Eyes; Useful Tips to Encourage Vision

When do babies open their eyes? For babies, this world is a new and amazing place. There are so many skills to be learned. When the baby is born, he/she doesn’t know how to sit, crawl, and talk. But as months passed, the baby passed these milestones and learned how to sit, walk, and crawl. With these actions, the baby also learns the full use of his/her eyes. 

Healthy babies are born with healthy eyes, but they have not yet developed the ability to focus their eyes, accurately move them, and even use them together as a pair. In this article, we will discuss all about when do babies open their eyes for the first time and which factors influence it.

When do babies open their eyes

Your new family member is finally here. Now you are desperately waiting to see those beautiful eyes. Most babies open their eyes within minutes of birth, but if not immediately so you should not worry about it. It is because your baby’s eyes become puffy after birth, which makes it difficult for him to open his eyes immediately. It would be best if you did not have to wait for too long. 

Newborn babies tend to open their eyes better when you hold them upright, so encourage your little one to open up by getting him vertical. If your baby is premature, his eyes may not be open properly, especially when born before 26-week gestation. His eyes would open around the 26 marks without any special treatment.

How to encourage vision developments

Here I list some useful tips which you can adopt and help your child to develop good vision ability. These are as follow;

  • Change the direction of the baby while feeding even when your baby is on bottle feeding.
  • Dress them in colorful clothes with interesting patterns
  • During tummy time, offer a playmat. 
  • Read colorful books and remember to hold them near the face so she can see the image clearly.
  • Experiment with different bolts of lightning. Allow natural light to come in the baby’s room, also block it with preths, and allow candles to blow in his/her room. 
  • Offer eye protection when going outside. Keep baby shielded from the sun or use a visor or baby sunglasses.

Symptoms of eye and vision problems in babies

Healthy babies are born with healthy eyes that will develop appropriately as they grow. But the risk of vision problems can occur. Symptoms indicate problems like

  • Excessive tearing
  • An eyelid that is red or crusted
  • Extremely sensitive to light
  • The pupil that appears white

These symptoms are an indication of problems like

  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Eye cancer
  • Elevated pressure in eyes
  • Eye cancer 
  • Dysfunction of eye muscles


If you notice these problems, then immediately consult your doctor.

Your baby is able to see just after birth and spends next year improving vision abilities and mastering new skills. You can help your baby by engaging with your baby and being aware of any sign that may be an indication of a problem. Consult with your doctor if you have doubts and confusion.