When Do Babies Start to Talk; Useful Tips to Help Your Baby to Talk

When Do Babies Start to Talk; Useful Tips to Help Your Baby to Talk

There are few moments in your life which you never want to miss. Your baby’s first smile, first step, and his/her first word. You are desperately waiting for his/her first word. So, when do babies start to talk? 

Your child is always talking to you from the first day when she is crying, laughing, and pointing out those things which he/she wants for a while. But you are waiting for the first words and keen on her language skills.

At what age do babies start talking

When do babies start to talk? Language is a robust or complex process for babies because it demands a large enough vocab for meaningful conversation. Most babies say their first word at the age of 11 or 14 months. Popular first words include ‘mama’ or ‘daddy’. 

It is observed that around 16 months, a baby girl is able to speak 50 words while a baby boy is 30 words because boys are behind their female peers. A two-year-old child will be able to pronounce 200 vocabulary words. By his/her third birthday, he/she is able to pronounce sentences.

How to teach my baby to talk

You have been teaching your baby to talk ever since, for the first time you said hello. It is said that babies learn to speak in the womb.

To help you, baby, you should

Communicate early

Before your baby vocalizes his/her thoughts, she communicates with you. Your baby lifts the arms to be picked up and shakes his/her head no. This is in response to this communication to enhance communication skills. Being understood is a motivation for them.

Be a gasbag

Babies learn through listening. So it is best to chit chat with your baby about what everything is and what is going on. As more words he/she perceive, they are able to talk.


When your baby is trying to express something, listen carefully. Not only this develops confidence but also teaches them how to be a good listener. 


When your baby is babble in return, babble like a copycat. Your baby will love having your full attention and love. In this way, you are introducing more sounds to him.


If your baby is able to communicate one word, then ensure that you respond in a full sentence. While your baby cannot speak correctly, say proper words, and create an opportunity to learn more.

Take turn

The conversation is all about taking turns. To engage your child in turning-take games like peek-a-boo. 

Things to avoid

  • Turn off the TV, mobile because background noises easily distract your baby. Let focus your baby on your sayings.
  • Limit screen time, experts advised that not to allow the TV to those children who are about two years old.

When to worry

The next question is when to seek help from doctors. All children are unique. If you concern that your child is not hitting the talking milestone on time, then consult with your doctor. The sooner talking problem is detected, the sooner the hearing problem is identified, so the sooner treatment is started.

Contact your child doctor if

  • Your baby is not responding to your voice or not attempting to make any sound for six months.
  • If your baby doesn’t babble about nine months
  • Your child cannot follow simple instructions and speak only in single words from the second birthday.