When Do Babies Stop Drinking Formula; Healthy Alternative Ideas

When Do Babies Stop Drinking Formula; Healthy Alternative Ideas

If you give formula to your baby from birth or later, then you might wonder when do babies stop drinking formula? Health organizations advise that they continue breastfeeding for six months after birth. When your baby becomes six months, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding while also giving up your baby other foods. 

It is best to continue breastfeeding for one year, but in some cases, it does not prolong, and the baby does not get enough breast milk. In this case, babies are given breastfeeding with the formula. It is called mixed feeding. Some babies are fully formula feeders.

when do babies stop drinking formula

In human history, babies were fed on breast milk either from mother or wet nurse. Nowadays, some Babies also do not need the formula and thrive on bread milk for six years. However, some babies need the formula, and it is a necessary need for them. If the baby is fully formula feeder, it is not typically essential beyond 12 months. It is best to provide your baby with healthy solid foods if you are giving then you develop a healthy eating habit. If you are worried that your child is a picky eater, then do not worry. Every toddler passes through the phase, but it is your responsibility to manage time for your child.When Do Babies Stop Drinking Formula

Unfortunately, when the formula is given to the baby, it fills up the baby, and they won’t be able to ingest solids. It also affects the chew and swallows the child’s ability, so it is advised to remove bottles and develop a habit of regular topped open cups. 

Alternatives of formula 

When you decide to stop giving formula to your baby, then you might worry about what to offer instead. After 12 months, your baby is well able to ingest full creamy cow milk. You can also give fruit juices but in small amounts because of high sugar content. The high sugar content can increase the risk of tooth decay. 

Drinks should be avoided

There are following drinks that are strictly restricted for babies. These are as follow;

  • Energy drinks
  • Flavored milk
  • Tea
  • Vitamin drinks
  • Cordials

These all are proven to be health hazards for the babies.

Most babies are ready to stop drinking formula at 12 months and switch to the cow milk, but there may be some risks for other babies. So it is best to consult with your doctor while stopping drinking formula and switching to the cow’s milk. He must be able to answer your questions and provide you with sincere advice.