When Do Kids Stop Napping; 3 Signs That Your Child is Ready

When Do Kids Stop Napping; 3 Signs That Your Child is Ready

Nap-time is an opportunity for you and your toddler to recharge. So when your toddler is showing early signs of weaning themselves off the nap but you resist. Actually, it is a milestone which you have to celebrate like other milestones. Fever naps mean that your baby is growing into big, plus they are more likely to sleep throughout the night, and less wake up at 4:00 AM. But how do you know “when do kids stop napping”? 

In this post, we will discuss it and what you can do to help your child. So read on;

When do kids stop napping?

There is no hard and fast rule about when a child drops napping because every child is different. It is possible that your baby stops napping sooner than your friend’s child, but later than your sibling’s child. It depends on the kid and his energy level. It is also observed that kids do not stop to nap well until in their pre-school year. 

According to the research, it is believed that only about 50 percent of kids still nap by age four and by 30 percent by age 5.

Signs that your baby is ready to stop nap

When toddlers hit a specific age, daytime naps become enemies. You might feel that it is your child’s way to express that he/she is ready to stop napping. But before you close this chapter from the book of your life, be sure your child is really ready to stop napping. 

Your child’s action gives you the answer of “really.” Let us take a look at specific signs to know that your baby is really ready to stop napping.

Taking too long to fall asleep at nap time

Your toddlers take a long time to fall asleep at nap time, and generally do not seem tired when the nap time is rolled around. It is a significant sign that your baby is ready to stop napping. 

Taking too long to fall asleep on the bedtime

Your toddler takes too long to fall asleep on the bedtime and does not feel tired when the time is rolled around. This sign also goes hand in hand with the previous one.

Skipping naps

Your toddler skips the afternoon nap entirely and does not show any signs of negative behavior. If your toddler skips the naps altogether and seems fine, then it is a sign of behavior transition that your baby is ready to skip naps. 

When to seek help

Children stop napping at different ages. But you might have concerns about an older child who still needs a nap or a young child who does not need it. There is nothing to worry about the older child, but if you still have doubts, then consult with your doctor.

There are different reasons that your baby needs a nap at this age. These are due to the following;

  • Diet
  • Too much inactivity
  • Sleep disorder
  • Medical conditions that cause fatigue

Consult with your doctor, and he will be able to give better advice according to your child.