When Do You Lose Baby Teeth; Useful Tips for You

When Do You Lose Baby Teeth; Useful Tips for You

When you become a parent, you constantly worry about your child and make sure that your child is hitting all milestones on time or not. When you lose baby teeth is also a big moment in your life, and it is the time when you get the first tooth fairy visit.  Here we are going to discuss in detail about When do you lose baby teeth and all the common concerns about it.

When do you lose baby teeth

Each child loses teeth on their time. Generally, Your baby loses teeth and makes room for newer ones at the age of 6. However, sometimes this time period can be delayed for one year. Firstly the baby loses the two bottom teeth called the lower central incisors and then the top front teeth called upper central incisors. After that the lateral incisors, first molars, canines and second molars. Sometimes a tooth takes a few days or even a few months to fall out when your baby notices that it is losing. It usually depends on how quickly the tooth root dissolved.   

Babies teeth usually stay placed until the permanent teeth push them. When Permanent teeth are ready, the root of the baby tooth begins to dissolve until it is completely finished. At that time, only the gum tissues are held at that place when the tooth is lost.

After the tooth fall down

When your child loses his/her baby tooth. Ensure proper dental care. Here I list some useful tips for you

  • Once the teeth fall out, have your little one gargle with warm water, especially when the bleeding does not stop.
  • Remind your child to brush teeth twice a day. Supervise and offer assistance when needed. Always purchased a child-friendly toothpaste.
  • Eat a healthy diet and limit between meals and snacks, especially those higher in sugar content.
  • Schedule regular dental visits.

Stress the importance of soda and other beverages which are harmful to the teeth.

What about wisdom teeth

Once your child reaches late teenage, then their wisdom teeth may come in. You might become surprised to know that no one gets these teeth only a few once get. And some get a few wisdom teeth, not all four wisdom teeth. 

When to call a doctor

This is a general guide, and if your child’s teeth are slow to erupt, then you should expect that it may take longer than usual.

If your child does not hit this teeth milestone after one year, then you must speak to your child dentist.


The most important thing is to teach your child about dental hygiene so that long after their baby teeth fall, the permanent teeth will come in healthy shape. I hope this guide is helpful to you. Good luck and wait for your baby’s jack- o’- lantern smile.