When Do You Start Feeling Baby Move; Exciting Things You Should Know

When Do You Start Feeling Baby Move; Exciting Things You Should Know

Feeling a baby’s movements can be a fantastic milestone of gestation. So it is natural to feel worried if you feel movement often and earlier enough. When you are pregnant, you may have questions about when will I feel the baby move or what is natural or what is not. Well, if you are concerned about when do you start feeling the baby move, then you are at the right place. Let us continue 

How early you can detect baby’s move

When can you feel the baby kick? During the 13th or 16th week of pregnancy, your baby is able to stretch his arms and legs. Uterus’s do not have their own sensory nerves, so any kind of movement may be vigorous enough to transmit sensation.

The earliest movement can be confused with the abdominal sensation, intestinal gas, or digestion. The first time mothers do not know these sensations while the second time, mothers are looking for these kinds of sensations.

Movement by trimester

When do you start feeling the baby move?When it is your first pregnancy, you are eagerly waiting for the baby’s first move and kick. And if you won’t get any, then you are wondering when it happens. Your baby moves from the beginning, but the truth is you do not feel it.

Movement in the first trimester

During the first few months, your baby is tiny in size, so it is unlikely to detect any movement. If you have an ultrasound during this trimester, the person who is doing the scan feels your baby’s movement as he is rocking and rolling upon the beat of their own drum. But if you do not feel any kind of movement, then do not worry, it is quite normal.

Movement in the Second trimester

This is the most exciting trimester because your baby bump starts to grow, and the kicks are prominent during this stage. The first movement begins during this gestation period, but maybe you cannot feel because your baby is small. So kicks are not going to be strong. It can start as early as 14 weeks, but the 18th week is more general. 

It is interesting when you carry twins and triplets; there is less space in the womb; you would experience movement earlier.

Movement in the third trimester

In the third trimester, things are getting a little cramped. At this stage, your womb has less space, your baby’s kicks and punches are unmistakable. Your baby becomes more robust, so do not be surprised if the kicks hurt you.

You get more kicks when you are closer to the delivery date.

When can your partner feel the kicks

The joy of your feeling is heightened when you share your first kick experience with your spouse, family, and friends. You are carrying the baby, so you feel it often, but in some cases, your partner also detects the baby’s kicks.

During the 20th week of gestation, if your spouse places his hand on your baby bump, he may feel the baby’s movements. When your baby becomes strong and bigger, your partner not only explores the kicks but also sees them from outside. At this stage, babies’ hearing sense is also developed, so he responds to the familiar voices with a punch or two.

Count your baby’s kick

Want to play a game with your baby then count the kicks. As you enter the third trimester, your doctor advises you to count the kicks to monitor the baby’s health during the third trimester. Here you will want to look out for

How often 

Set the time to monitor kicks one the morning, when baby’s kicks and punches are less frequent and once in the evening when your fetus movement is increased.

What to do

Count the kick and punches and stop when you reach at ten and note the time.

If you do not have ten movements in an hour

Have some snacks or juice, and continue counting. If the baby does not reach 10 in two hours, then contact your doctor. It does not mean that there is something wrong but maybe an indication that needs quick monitoring.


Remember, if you are closer to the date, then count the movement twice in the day and stay in touch with your pediatrician. If you observe a sudden decrease in the movement, then immediately consult with your doctor. Do not hesitate because the clinical staff is your allies on this journey. 

Some babies move more as compared to others, and some pregnant women feel more kicks sooner than others. Do not worry. Soon you will get a feel of a healthy and normal baby.