Emotional Stage of Pregnancy;when Does Baby Bump First Start to Show

Emotional Stage of Pregnancy;when Does Baby Bump First Start to Show

There is a big difference between knowing that you are pregnant and having that telltale baby bump show the world that you are pregnant. It is finally about having your outside reflect what you know inside. Now a growing belly is your personal billboard, shouting your news without saying any word. For women, the appearance of that tiny bump is a huge relief. So the question arises, when does baby bump show.

When does baby bump show

For most first time mothers, the baby bump shows when they are 14 to 16 weeks pregnant. But this initial bump will not be from your baby because your fetus is about 4 inches during 15 weeks of your pregnancy. This expression is from your uterus because, at that time, it can no longer hide inside your pelvis behind your pubic bone. 

On the other hand, if you are already a mom, then this may start showing sooner. The reason behind this is the muscles in your womb and belly are already stretched from your previous pregnancy.

Factors that affect when you are showing a baby bump

Here are some clues to figure out when does baby bump show.


If you have a short abdomen, then your bump will likely pop out sooner as compared to the taller women having a long abdomen. Women with a long abdomen have more space for the fetus to develop upward rather than downward; in this situation, women have a small bump.


How much extra weight you carry will determine how easy it is to see your growing uterus. If you have less body fat, then you will probably show much earlier as compared to those having more body fat.

Abdominal strength

Stronger abdominal muscles mean that there is more support and lift for the fetus. If your abs are more muscular, then they will letterly hold your young one into your body more, which means that you have a less noticeable bump.

The number of pregnancies you had

You are more likely to show early if this is not your first pregnancy. The uterus is held in position at the front by the abdominal wall. For the woman who conceived several times, the skin and muscles become weaker and do not come to the original position. This makes the growing uterus move forward in the abdomen and become more noticeable sooner.

Carrying multiples

When you conceive multiples, your uterus has a double capacity, so you probably start to show on the first side.

When should you worry about your bump size?

By week 20, your doctor will measure your fundal length and the distance between the pubic bone and the uterus wall. In general, this number correlates with each other. If this does not happen, there is a risk of growth problems in the fetus, which can be resolved.

 On the other hand, as long as your ultrasound has determined that your baby is growing normally, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.